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Binky 04-12-17 01:51 PM

Genesis Stealth ?? What is this ?
Picked up a bike today.

Any idea of how old it is or how much it might have cost when new ??

Genesis Mountain Series with a Chromo frame --- Stealth

Chain ring set: triple Campagnolo
Pedals: Campagnolo
Crank arms: Campagnolo
Bottom bracket: Campagnolo
Cassette: 8-sprocket Campagnolo
Brakes: Campagnolo cantilever
Rims: Rigida
Hubs: Campagnolo
Quick release skewers: Campagnolo
Front derailleur: Campagnolo
Rear derailleur: Campagnolo
Indexed thumb shifters gear levers: Campagnolo
Brake levers: Campagnolo


Binky 04-19-17 04:31 PM

Found out it was built in the was made by Genesis Cycles for a company called Shields Intertrade sometime in the early 90ís.

The Campagnolo mountain bike group used on the bike was expensive and only available for a few years.

Very slick.


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