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JonnyVain 10-25-17 05:38 PM

Bigger tires causing wheel flop?
I own a Surly ogre fork and was looking at the karate monkey for another bike. Identical dimensions (last gen karate). So i installed the ogre on the trail bike and loved it. Very great handling.

So i bought the karate and installed it with new wheels (19 to 25mm ID) and tires (2.0 to 2.25").

Now I'm getting excessive wheel flop. Would the extra .25" cause enough trail to make a tangible difference?

Only saving grace is that the tires are maxed out pressure so they break in. Hopefully it's improved when i drop to 35 or so.

JonnyVain 10-25-17 08:31 PM

Phew. Lowering the pressure to 28psi did the trick. Not sure if it's tire height or hardness that made the difference.

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