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1slander 12-02-17 09:13 PM

Older Norco vs. New purchase
Looking for advice on purchasing a mtn bike for my Sixteen year old son. A local shop (B.C. Canada) has new Norco Storm 7.3's for $560+tax discounted for Xmas. But is something like a 2003 Norco VPS Drop bought privately a better buy at $400? Great access to endless trails around here and not sure how hard he would actually ride it to be honest.

hig4s 12-03-17 02:30 PM

The Drop is a heavy full suspension down hill bike, it weighs around 40lbs. My 2015 Giant aluminum FS weighs around 32lbs. The Storm is a light weight trail bike, being an HT, probably less than 30bs. They are not the same type of bikes at all. And seeing as full suspension geometry has changed drastically in those years, so I would say the new Storm, at least until you see how serious he is going to be. If he becomes serious and later needs a downhill bike, the 2003 Drop would have only been fair anyway.

1slander 12-03-17 03:19 PM

Thanks for the info. Didn't realize the FS were meant more for down hill. An HT is certainly all he'd need then. Wasn't big on the reviews given to the front suspension on the Storm but it's entry level pricing obviously. He's pushing 6'1" so finding suitable used in his size for more current models (with better components) around here used seems like a wait, especially in that price range. I'll take him by the shop on Monday and see if they have some larger frame Storms in stock with 29's and see how it fits. Thanks again!

hig4s 12-04-17 09:41 AM

Not all FS are for downhill, my current FS is a trail bike and has less head angle and is less downhill than many hardtails, but the Drop was a pretty serious downhill bike for back then.

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