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Tubeless tire with hand pump?

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Tubeless tire with hand pump?

Old 01-11-18, 08:47 AM
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Tubeless tire with hand pump?

I was looking at getting a surly karate monkey that has tubeless maxxis tires. I'm heading down to Mexico to some very remote areas. I did some reading and saw that you need a air compressor to remount tubeless tires after a flat, is this the case? I plan on just having a patch kit and hand pump like usual. I also read tubeless tires can be patched with the automotive style plugs that look like licorice sticks? If I plugged it that way I'd avoid taking the tire off and could just pump it with a regular hand pump? It's a bike off Craigslist, i might pass it up, I'm not sure tubeless would be a good idea in Mexico. I know the small towns I'll be in won't have tubeless tires in the bike shops.
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Old 01-11-18, 09:25 AM
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The only puncture that would require you to use a pump/patch on a tubeless tire would be one so catastrophic the tire would likely need to be replaced. I've not had to put a tube in a tubeless tire in over 20,000 miles. Tubeless plugs are also an option (they make bike-specific kits) but I've never had to use one of those either. If I were going away from civilization without support, I'd just carry some tubes. If you get a terrible rip/tear, boot the tire as best as possible, put in a tube.

But as far as the typical road hazards go-- thorns, tire wire, small bits of glass-- tubeless virtually eliminates those punctures.
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Old 01-11-18, 04:17 PM
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the only time you need to take off the old tire is if it has a huge hole (like a long cut etc.) that you have to sew or repair otherwise. That would be a very rough off-road damage. But you may then just install a tube to get you home where you need a new tire anyway.

Smaller holes (like 1/2" stick etc.) can pe patched with the car tire repair kit you mentioned. They make smaller bike versions. no need to take tire off for that. Make sure the tire and rim are actually tubeless and not some ghetto conversion. With actual tubeless tire and tube the tire hooks into the rim and even if you deflate the tire it will stay on (like a car with a flat)

You always can put a tube in, and you need a spare tube tubeless or not. And you don't have to deal with all the small holes due to sealant.
if you need to replace tires (do you move there for good), you can order them online, or always go back to tubes if needed.

On average I'd say tubeless done right gives you less headache. Make sure you add sealant every 6 months or so before it dries out.
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Old 01-11-18, 11:36 PM
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As already been covered just bring tubes as a backup. And refresh the tubeless goo in the tires before you go and hopefully you won't even have to worry about it.

But to answer your question tubeless tires and hand pump I'd say unlikely. Some tire rim combos are a royal PITA and can even be difficult to get on the bead with a compressor while others go super easy with just a floor pump, even those I'd say a hand pump would be optimistic. Co2 though maybe.
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Old 01-12-18, 10:14 AM
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Definitely go tubeless, even in remote areas. In my opinion majority of bike packers are only using tubeless these days. The ride and weight are big advantages.
Get a bicycle specific patch kit. Unless the bead comes off, hand pump will be fine. CO2 inflator is also a good recommendation to seat the tire if you need to.
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Old 01-12-18, 10:25 AM
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I've been running tubeless on my mt and gravel bikes for a couple of years. I've had 1 flat, which resulted from a 1 inch sidewall tear on a 40 mm gravel tire. I used a park sidewall patch and inserted a tube to get home. I was able to salvage by tire by sewing it up and putting a tubeless auto patch over the tear from the inside. I think you want to carry a "just in case" tube, sidewall patch and something to sew up a sidewall. As mentioned above, you shouldn't have any flats from the normal stuff, which the sealant will quickly seal up.

I have never tried to seat a tubeless tire on a rim with a hand pump, but I think it would be pretty difficult, to near impossible. However, I have used a CO2 cartridge to pop the bead onto the rim. Once the bead is properly seated on the rim, pumping up the tire, even with a hand pump is much easier.
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