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MTB HIMACHAL OCTOBER 7th to 13th, 2005

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MTB HIMACHAL OCTOBER 7th to 13th, 2005

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Alpen Glow
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Himalayan adventure sports & tourism promotion association “H.A.S.T.P.A” proposes to organize a mountain biking event in Himachal Pradesh from October 7th to 13th. The seven day event shall focus on traversing through some of the best terrain in Himachal Pradesh through trails tailormade for the sport of Mountain Biking.

The Route Plan


Day One

Flag Off from The Ridge Maidan, Shimla.

Section A Ridge – Forest Road – Sanjauli – Dhalli – Mashobra (Beverage Halt)
Section B Mashobra – Sipur Glade – Dak Bungalow – Baikhalti Road – Fagu
Section C Fagu – Kufri – Seog Reserve Forest – Koti – Chail
Section D Chail – Junga – Maili

From Maili Drive back to Accommodation in Shimla (In around forest meadows).

Day Two

Assemble at Peterhoff.
Early Morning drive to Mashobra.
Section A Mashobra – Baldeyan – Khatnol
Section B Khatnol – Join Highway 22 near Matiana.
Section C Matiana – Chailla – Gumma – Baghi – Narkanda

Overnight Halt at campsite in Narkanda


Day Three

Section A Narkanda – Oddi – Kingal - Luhri
Section B Luhri – Tattapani – Chindi – Shikari Devi

Overnight Halt at Campsite near Shikari Devi

Day Four

Section A Shikari Devi – Karsog
Section B Karsog – Jhanjheli
Section C Jhanjheli – Shikari Devi

Overnight Halt at campsite near Shikari Devi


Drive to Mandi, approximately 80 kms, 2.5 Hours from Shikari Devi

Day Five

Section A Mandi – Ghatasani
Section B Ghatasani – Jhatingiri
Section C Jhatingiri – Barot
Section D Barot – RajGundha – Billing – Bir

Overnight halt at Bir Campsite

Day Six

Drive to Baijnath, approximately 20 kms, and 20 mins from Bir.

Section A Baijnath – Paprola – Andreta - Palampur
Section B Palampur – Naggar - Jia – Dadh.
Section C Dadh – Tang – Tikker – Narwana - Yol
Section D Yol – Sidhpur – Khanyara – Dharamsala.

Overnight Halt at Campsite Khanyara

Day Seven

Tour Of Mcleodganj during the day.
Prize Distribution in the evening.

Day Eight

Drive to Pathankot to catch the connecting train to Delhi.

The route follows interior Himachal Pradesh, through the districts of Shimla, Mandi and Kangra. Poised to be the first event of its kind in India, it shall meander through over 500 kms of the grand Himalayan backcountry.

The event shall be organized as an endurance run, primarily to promote the independent aspect of the sport in Himachal Pradesh and encourage local participation in the long run either directly or as an ancillary providing support in the way of accommodation, bicycle repair, guide etc.

Please contact mtbhimachal@gmail.com or hastpa@gmail.com.

I am also attaching a map for the route ... Lets make it ... The Himalayas have some good rides ... The fees for the whole event participation including accommodation, meals, transportation, back up, entertainment is $300/- ... The participation for the first year is limited at a hundred riders ....

Cheers to all,

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Village backroads, jeep tracks and a little local singletrack... There’s medics on motorbikes, mango and banana feeding stations, and as you’d expect of the Himalayas, lots of up and downs (10,000m!)... En route, there's an audience with the Dalai Lama, and the finish coincides with Deshera, one of the big festival days in the Hindi calendar. An enduro ride, with an Indian twist…

The event is well sponsored and being covered by MTV India and ESPN, so entry is really reasonable – 100US for the 8 days, plus international flights. The ideal bike is a low maintenance hardtail with front suspension. I reckon you'd need about 12 days all in, to cover getting up to Shimla, busing back from Manali, and some chilling out days at the beginning/end. Plans are to run the event every year, in conjunction with a big push to develop bike trails and backroads in the Himachal Pradesh area – putting India on the cycling map…

If you know of any bike clubs that might be interested in a great, alternative October ride, please pass on the site details. Foreign support at the event would be really welcome - it's a great chance to meet some local riders too.

The First edition of MTB HIMACHAL will be an eight day event, from Thursday 6th October to Thursday 13th October 2005.

The total distance is 680 kms.

It will be tough, but it is not an extreme ultra endurance test, nor a survival course. The intention is to make finishing all stages of the race achievable by a reasonably fit and determined average cyclist, whilst at the same time providing a stern test for the serious racing cyclists. At the end of the day, we would like all participants to have enjoyed their ride.

It is important to note that although MTB HIMACHAL is a race, for many of the participants it is a challenge, and their priority will be to finish the course.
Entry will be limited to 50 teams of 2 riders. This format works very well and is especially attractive to lady riders.

Throughout the ride.... fully catered (three meals daily) camping near well known Himachali Villages, Beverage Halts and beverages, and all necessary facilities will be provided by us.

Entries will open on 5th August 2005.

Supporters are welcome to enter, but only one supporter per team will be permitted. They pay the same as the riders.

Our goal is to make MTB HIMACHAL a world class mountain bike event, without losing sight of the fact that most participants will enter the event mainly for the challenge, camaraderie and adventure of completing the course, because at the end of the day, they are the real heroes.

The event

The 2005 MTB HIMACHAL starts at The Ridge, Shimla on Thursday, 6th October and ends on Thursday, October 12th, Dushehra day at Dushehra Grounds in Kullu.

Registration will take place on Wednesday evening, October 5th from 5pm.
Participants compete as a two person team. No team member may be more than two minutes apart at any time during the ride.

The team categories are: Open Men, Open Women, Mixed and Masters (from age 40)
There will be three beverage halts per day approx.30 Kms apart.
Medals will be awarded to all finishers.
Each day begins at 8am and riders must reach the finish line by 6pm daily.

An awards ceremony will be held each night where the category leaders will be presented with Leader Jerseys.


Participants may bring friends, family or tech support during the race, limited to one supporter. (If, for some reason, you need an extra supporter, contact the organizers).

If the supporters wish to be accommodated in the staging area, they must pay the same entrance fee as the riders.
No transport will be available for supporters.

Supporters may share a tent with their riders but will not be allowed to have their own tents, unless arranged with the organizer.

Participant support crews not paying the entrance fee will be responsible for their own accommodation and meals.

Conditions and Participant Information

Please read carefully!

1. Conditions of Participation
Participants must be essentially experienced riders and be in excellent physical condition to participate in MTB HIMACHAL 2005. However first timers are encouraged to participate.
Minimum age to enter the race is 18 years.

2. Withdrawal
Participants, who cannot continue the race, must inform the organizers of their decision by calling on the leg officer. Failure to inform leg officer may cause a search and rescue action. If one team member quits but the other team member wishes to continue, the Leg Officer will help to find another partner. In the event you need to withdraw from the race you must contact one of the following immediately.

• Inform one of the event Rescue team personal
• Inform one of the event personnel at one of the control stations
• Inform the start or finishing official
•Call our emergency number in your road book

The organizers will not be responsible if you drop out and inform another participant. If you do not inform one of the above contacts we will be required to start a search and rescue.

In the case that you drop out during the race you will be responsible for your own transfer to the next staging area. However, the race director will do everything possible to assist you.

3. Rules & Safety

Each participant will be required to carry items defined on the Mandatory Items list.
Team members must stay together at all times of the race and must be within two minutes of each other upon check-in at the control points and the finish.
Only mountain bikes are permitted and must be in good condition. A safety check should be made before each start.

Fair Play;
• Slower participants must make way for faster racers
• Riders must take caution when the route is not clear or coming up to an intersection or roadway
• Riders should be prepared to brake during steep down hills
• Riders must obey all traffic rules
• Bike repairs should be done in a visible area on the edge of the trail, road or path
• In the case of a sprint to the finish you must remain in your own lane

These rules are provide for the participants safety and if disregarded may result in disqualification from the race. The Race Director has the right to disqualify any participant for the following reasons;

• Members of a team do not check-in within two minutes of each other at the checkpoints
• Technical problems or equipment shortcomings
• Health problems with any participant
• Disregarding any fair play rules
• Un-sportsmanlike behavior
• Pushing or pulling by a third party
• Any disrespect of the environment

There will be no reimbursement of costs to the participant in case of disqualification.

4. Environment

We will enforce littering, cutting trails and environmental abuse with stiff penalties. Every participant who is caught disregarding the environment will be fined with a two (2) hour time penalty at first offense and disqualification at second offense.

In the case of environmental concerns (fires, flooding etc.) The Race Director has the right to cancel, delay or reroute the race. Participants will not be reimbursed in an environmental situation that is out of the organizers control. In case of cancellation of a race leg, participants will be brought to the next stage location.

5. Liability

The organizers, sponsors, volunteers and event personnel are not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur during the event, or cancellations, delays or re-routing due to environmental concerns. Each participant will be required to sign a waiver upon registration declaring that they take full responsibility for, risk of injury, to themselves or their equipment.

5. Categories
MTB HIMACHAL offers four different categories including open women, open men, mixed and masters (combined age of both riders exceed 80 years). The minimum age for participation is 18 years.

6. Accommodations
Each participant must bring their own, or share, a small (2/3 man) lightweight tent, sleeping bag and single blow-up mattress.
These items will be supplied to international entrants.
An air compressor will be available to inflate your mattress.
Tents may only be erected in the designated camping area. Participants must erect their own tents, so it is advisable to bring a small, easily erected, dome type tent.
A list of stage locations and contact numbers will be listed on the website, for those who wish to source their own accommodation. There will be no rebate for this option.
Portable toilets and showers will be provided to supplement those available at the overnight venues.

7. Participant Support

Participants may bring friends, family or tech support during the race, limited to one supporter. If the supporters wish to be accommodated in the staging area, they must pay the same entrance fee as the riders.
No transport will be available for supporters.
Support crew vehicles will not be allowed to park or enter the staging area unless they obtain an official (free) parking sticker, limited to one vehicle per team.

Supporters may share a tent with their riders but will not be allowed to have their own tents, unless agreed to by the race organizer
Participant support crews not paying the entrance fee will be responsible for their own accommodation and meals.

10. Bike computer

MTB HIMACHAL will follow a preset route with the help of a detailed route map which will give kilometer data and direction for every route change. The route will be marked, but some of the markers could be removed by mischievous youngsters

11. Bike Check

The service partners will be offering a technical service free of charge before the start and at every stage finish. This service is only for bikes that need technical service. Regular maintenance and repair must be done by the rider (i.e. changing bike pads, fixing gears etc.). However, we strongly recommend that you do the race with a technically flawless bike.

The technical service is meant to be a racing service for malfunctioning parts and not a maintenance service. Participant should have knowledge in replacing basic parts and doing basic service.
Please note that we can offer no technical help at the control points.

12. Catering

Included in the race package, each participant will receive lunch, supper and breakfast at each stage location, inclusive in the entry fee. MTB HIMACHAL is perhaps the only mountain bike event that includes lunch. We are experienced cycling event caterers, so the meals will be good.
Hot drinks are included in your package and will be available on a self service basis at all times.
We will also provide energy drinks and energy bars and fruit at each control point. The control points are not food supply points.

13. Bike Storage

At each night halt location, you can drop your bike off for the night in a secured “Bike Park”. We strongly advise you to have a lock for your bikes.

14. Massage & Chiropractic service

Every endeavor will be made to have qualified sports masseurs and a chiropractor on the event. There will be a fee involved in these services.

15. Registration

Times and dates for race registration will be posted on the website.

17. Health & Travel Insurance

Participants must be in good health and be reasonably experienced mountain bikers.
All participants are responsible for their own health and travel insurance and must be in possession of their Medical aid Cards.

18. Sponsorship & Branding

Participants may wear sponsor logos on their clothing, bike helmets and bike. They cannot change or alter the bike numbers on handlebars supplied by the organizers.
If the participants are one of the leaders in any category they are required to wear the leader jersey provided by MTB HIMACHAL. No altering or covering of the leader jersey is allowed.
Signage of any kind is not permitted in start and finish area, stage locations or camps.

20. Rider changes within a confirmed team
This is permitted provided the new rider/s fill in an entry form and sign the indemnity. There is no extra fee involved.

MTB HIMACHAL Regulations and Rules

1. Start number

Start numbers (both members of one team have the same start number) must be mounted on the handlebars (bike plate).
The logo placement on the start numbers has to be visible and no additional advertising may be added. The leading teams in each category are obliged to wear the leader jerseys.
Each participant must carry his/her race pass during the race at all times.

2. Bicycle Rules

Only mountain bikes are allowed and must be in good condition. A safety check should be made before each start.

3. Team Ranking

Because of safety considerations, all participants of MTB HIMACHAL have to start in teams of two. Both participants of each team have to appear together at the start, at all checkpoints and at the finish. Should one team member arrive more than 2 minutes before her/his partner at one of the checkpoints or at the finish, the team will be given a 60 minute time penalty. A second offence will result in disqualification.

4. Categories

Men, Women, Mixed and Masters (both team members total to be over 80 years of age. Minimum age of any one member to be 40 years)

5. Start

The start registration begins 45 minutes before the official starting time. The daily briefing for all participants begins 15 minutes before the starting time.
The start registration is open every day up to 10 minutes after the official starting time. Teams starting up to 10 minutes after the actual starting time will be timed according to the official starting time. Teams that start later than 10 minutes after the official starting time will be listed as non-starters and will not be considered in the results.
On Day One the start line-up will be according to race numbers. From then on, the teams will be placed according to their placement in the overall ranking, ie. the leaders will start first.

6. Neutralised start

There will be a short neutral zone after the start each day. This will be announced by the event coordinator at the pre-start briefing.

7. Checkpoints

During each leg there will be between one and four mandatory checkpoints, where both members of each team have to report to with their race passes. Teams, that do not pass one of the checkpoints (for example
because they have lost the way), will receive a time penalty of 60 minutes for each checkpoint missed. The jury reserves the right to impose a higher or lower time penalty in special cases. Both participants race passes will be signed at the checkpoints in the order of their arrival. Should one participant arrive within the time limit of two minutes before his/her partner, he/she has to wait until his/her partner arrives.

8. Withdrawal from the Race

Teams that cannot continue the race, for whatever reason, must inform the organisers immediately. They can do it at the start, the checkpoints, the finish area.
Failure to inform the organisation will cause a search and rescue operation (rescue team, mountain rescue). Teams who want to withdraw from MTB HIMACHAL have to sign off at the race office in the respective stage finish. Everyone is responsible for his/her own transportation after withdrawal.

9. Finish

At the finish of each stage, the participants have to arrive together as a team and check in with their race passes.
Teams, that arrive after the finish time limit due to exhaustion, defect, injury, etc., but are still riding their mountain bikes will receive the maximum racing time (from official starting time to finish-time) plus 60 minutes, and are allowed to start again the following day.
Teams that can prove a severe defect or injury and arrive at the finish in/on a different vehicle than their mountain bike, will receive the maximum racing time (from official starting time to finish-time) plus 120 minutes, and are also allowed to start again the following day. If one team member quits the race
but the other team member wishes to continue, the race direction will help to find another partner.

10. Technical Service

Our service partners are offering a technical service for the mountain bikes before the start and after the finish. Repair work is free of charge. Bikes must be cleaned beforehand.

11. Riding rules

Parts of MTB HIMACHAL takes place is on public roads.

1. Participants must obey the traffic rules. Participants have to ride on the left hand side of the road. Cutting short in a corner is not allowed. Directions from the police or the race officials have to be obeyed according to the traffic rules.

2. For rider’s own safety, helmets are compulsory at all times.

3. Throwing things away, in particular wrapping of food, bottles and beverages, is only allowed directly at the checkpoints.

4. Support vehicles are not allowed to affect the race in any way. Support from moving escort vehicles is not allowed. Interference with the race or adverse effects on the race caused by support vehicles will be punished by the jury with time penalties for the supported team.

5. Partners of one team are allowed to support each other.

6. Slower participants are required to make way for faster racers.

7. Technical parts of the route have to be ridden with appropriate caution.

8. Be prepared to brake during steep downhills. Make sure that there are no other vehicles or riders in your way.

9. Bike-Repairs have to take place in a conspicuous area alongside the route and must not hinder felloe competitors.

10. On the last 500m to the finish line riders must hold their lines. Switching is not allowed .

12. Time Punishment and Disqualification

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants and teams if one or more of the following points apply:

• Technical deficiencies on the equipment
• Health problems of participants
• Violating the rules of the event
• Unfair or unsporting conduct
• Any disrespect of the environment
• Traffic rule violations

13. Nature Conservation

Disposing of garbage along the route or deliberate damage to the environment will lead to disqualification or severe time penalties.

14. External support

The members of one team are permitted to support each other, but are not allowed to accept help from a third person (spectator, supporter, participant from another team). No pushing or pulling by a third person or a escort vehicle is allowed. The exception is handing over food, beverages, clothes and replacement parts from assistants on the route and from any medical helper. Drafting with persons who are not part of the race is not allowed.

15. Protest and Jury

Each participant is allowed to raise an objection against rules contraventions by other teams or against decisions of the race director up to one hour after finish time limit in the race office. He/she have to name witnesses. A jury with three members (race director, route supervisor and time keeper) will hear the protest and make a decision before the next morning start.
The protest fee is 5000 RS. Should the protest not be upheld, the protest fee will be forfeited.

17.The last, but most important, rule

Participate with a sense of camaraderie, fun and adventure, and do not forget your sportsmanship and sense of humor!

VISIT THE WEBSITE www.mtbhimachal.com for more details. Fill out the feedback form and download the participation overview for the entry forms. THE EVENT IS PRIMARILY AN ENDURO EVENT. The LAST DATE FOR ENTRIES IS 30th SEPTEMBER 2005.

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EVERYBODY WHO IS INTERESTED PLEASE MAY MAIL AT ride@mtbhimachal.com or dhananjayahluwalia@gmail.com

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Participation has started coming in ... Immense intense response ... Thanks to all you people at the forum here ... The last date for sending in entry forms is 20th September .. bike magic is doin a great job ... visit bikemagic.com as well for a review and also cyclingnews.com ... Come ride with us in the Himalayas ... Discover new frontiers ....

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