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Krubag 04-08-19 07:38 PM

Fork upgrade options
Looking to upgrade my 2019 Specialized Pitch Sport 27.5 dorks to air forks, just need some helpful insight on which ones to get. Maybe different tiers based on budget. I have about $300 for forks. Thanka

carlosponti 04-09-19 07:48 AM

manitou mahkor is a nice fork for under 300. rockshox recon is around 300. one thing you have to know is steerer. is your steerer 1 1/8 or tapered. you are limited to a few budget forks with 1 1/8 straight steerer.

ok there are more than one thing. steerer type travel of current fork wheel size brake type and dropout type width. for example i have a 100mm travel 29er fork with disk brakes straight steerer and 9mm QR 100mm axle. higher end bikes will have more travel 10mm 110 boost axle and tapered steerer. only thing that you can change is travel, but dont do much more or less in travel than what you have because it changes geometry of the frame.

prj71 04-09-19 08:52 AM

You have a tapered steerer on that bike. I would suggest the Reba for about $100 more than you want to spend.

Krubag 04-09-19 06:21 PM

Thanks for the feedback 👍

Krubag 04-11-19 07:12 PM

My stock fork is a straight 1 1/8 steer tube with a zero stack head tube and 100mm of travel.

prj71 04-12-19 07:51 AM looked tapered on the Specialized website.

PumpedUpKicks 04-14-19 03:37 PM

Pinkbike has a lot of new take off's for cheaper. You might be able to get one of those or a better quality used one for the same price.

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