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Outsidewave 05-11-19 06:02 PM

Tire size
27.5x3 or 26x4 on a full suspension ebike > what are the advantages or disadvantages? and why. I am 65 getting back into biking . Grew up racing dirtbikes and have many years on mtn bikes form hard tails to full suspension. some street rididng some trails maybe alos tow my standup oard to the beach.
Will you get more mileage out of a bateery using a 27.5 tire?

hig4s 05-12-19 01:24 PM

Battery like will most likely not differ much at all. Thinner tires are more nimble, wider tires more shock absorbent. On a full suspension bike you probably don't need 4in wide tires, but that is a matter of preference, and you may like them better.

Leebo 05-12-19 06:25 PM

Might get better response in the e bike forum.

Weresquatch 05-17-19 04:43 PM

It'd be helpful to know your weight, the weight of the bike and the terrain you want to ride. For example, my advice would be very different for a 150lb rider on a 20lb bike riding fast hardpack then for my 225lb butt on a dualie riding the steep, wet, and muddy trails of the PacNW

medic75 05-18-19 04:45 AM

I don't know much about ebikes but I would dare to say that, with a full suspension, the 4" tire is all about traction. I honestly can't think of very many "normal" conditions where you would actually be able to experience this traction advantage. It is my understanding that the original fat tire bikes were designed with snow in mind.

qclabrat 05-30-19 10:01 PM

one of my riding buddies is 75 and rides a Trek with plus 27.5 tires.
He's awesome and has ridden close to 500 days straight. He normally doesn't like to ride with us as he's concerned with his pace, but with the Trek he has no trouble keeping up with us kids on uphills.

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