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bratan 07-23-19 08:20 AM

Arm fatigue after switching to MTB
I've been road biking for years and this year I switched to a mountain bike (GT Aggressor Pro). I've been training on flat road and usually after about 5 miles I'm getting severe arm fatigue in the elbow pit/forearm area. I'm thinking it might have something to do with bike geometry or improper adjustment. I do like to have my seat high like on Road Bike, maybe that's causing it? Is there some kind of adjustment I can make to handlebars, etc.? I'd love to hear any suggestions you guys might have! :)
I'm 5'11" and bike frame size "L" (it's 2018 GT Aggressor Pro, 27.5" wheels)

trailangel 07-23-19 09:30 AM

You need to ride the MTB more. Different muscles are getting used.

ldmataya 07-23-19 09:49 AM

Road riders who switch to MTB often keep weight too far forward - likely what you are doing since you are riding on flat roads. When I started riding off road seriously after 30 years of nothing but road, I got a small piece of advice I remember every ride - light hands, heavy feet. It took me a while to stop riding my MTB like a road bike and instead ride with weight centered at the BB.

rumrunn6 07-23-19 09:54 AM

maybe add bar ends so you can pivot your wrists outward?

Ryder1 07-23-19 11:31 AM

I'm not sure. Maybe move all stem spacers under stem to lift bar? I don't have much experience riding mountain bikes on flat roads.

Digger Goreman 07-23-19 11:36 AM

I started commuting on an mtb. The two stress relievers for me were good gloves, and then Ergon grips with bar ends. Game changers....

bratan 07-23-19 12:23 PM

Thank you guys, great advise! I will keep trying to ride and with my weight shifted back...

Leebo 07-23-19 03:32 PM

Get a bike fit from your LBS.

2cam16 07-23-19 05:15 PM

What most have said here. Keep on riding and you'll get used to it. I'm your total opposite and started road a few years ago BUT at the same time I'm still mountain biking. I mix it up every week between both. Maybe that will help too in the long run.

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