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rumrunn6 02-26-20 09:33 AM

Replace an entry level MTB with another entry level MTB?
when would it make sense to replace an entry level MTB (which is working out just fine) with another entry level MTB? not meant as a rhetorical question, really want to know all the parameters to consider. my mechanical disk brakes work well enough for me, don't need a dropper post, I'm 61ish & stay off the rough stuff. I go for the easy flow trails

a cpl guesses:

if the newer bike has
- better components
- less wear
- better brand
- cost differential is small, meaning affordable upgrade

for example, I have this: 2014 GT Timberline 1.0 (bought used for $200)

are these better enough to considering flipping for? would I enjoy any of these bikes more than what I'm riding now?

2018 Scott Aspect 960 - $350

Specialized 29er mountain bike - $480

Rocky Mountain Vertex 29er - $625

2016 Trek X-Caliber 8 - 18.5 inch - like new - $695


Trek Marlin 5 $180 (year?)

Happy Feet 02-26-20 09:58 AM

If they are both entry level and have similar grade components and style ie. hard tail etc... there is little difference or reason. If a certain bike has more common or standard fittings instead of proprietary that could be a reason, as it will be more worthwhile investing in upgrades down the road. I look at components as being transferable so I want frames that will accept common sizes.

That comes into play if you buy, for example, a good quality dropper post. If you want it to transfer you need to think about the seat post sizing. Another case might be how the derailer hangs, through axle or QR or whether the frame has eyelets for racks/fenders, if you see yourself going that route down the road for some reason. An adaptable frame can morph into a few different bikes instead of having to buy several.

bikeme 02-26-20 10:18 AM

Great response by Happy Feet . Another thing to consider is that if the replacement bike is not new, you may have to spend some money on parts and labor due to wear, abuse, etc.

Rajflyboy 02-26-20 01:36 PM

Watch some Kevcentral videos. He has a wealth of data on inexpensive bikes.

Darth Lefty 02-26-20 06:21 PM

I'd be looking for something that was enough different from your existing bike that you can tell, and like it. Or features that didn't exist then - few enough of those and not in this price range where 24 speed and an XCT is still the norm

HerrKaLeun 02-26-20 09:57 PM

You don't know for how much you sell your bike, it may or may not be a lot.

The other used bikes may have hidden defects. That's why they are being sold. Your current bike is the devil you know

If your current bike fits, better to upgrade or save for a significantly better bike. Most upgradeable parts are wear items anyway. And good parts you buy you can transfer to future bikes.

qclabrat 02-27-20 11:31 AM

The Rocky Mt Vertex is the only one worth considered if "better" is important, though it's gone so don't know which model
You threw in a 26" Rockhopper into the mix, really?

rumrunn6 02-28-20 11:41 AM

Originally Posted by qclabrat (Post 21345257)
You threw in a 26" Rockhopper into the mix, really?

oh ok well the ad spec’d 29” but thanks

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