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onyerleft 03-16-20 01:09 PM

Rotor inflation?
I've noticed a couple of (non-ebikes) lately with 203mm rotors. Is there a trend toward larger rotors?

Notso_fastLane 03-16-20 01:29 PM

I would think if it was specialized for downhill riding, it might make sense. Also, bigger is always better, isn't it!?! ;)

qclabrat 03-17-20 09:04 AM

bigger rotors are cheaper alternative to stronger braking. Not fancy tech, more surface to apply friction

DrIsotope 03-17-20 09:08 AM

I can state with authority that the bigger the rotor, the longer the pads last-- my disc bike has 180/160, and the front pads last as long as the rears, despite the front doing almost all of the work. I know a dude with 140s on a Spesh Tarmac, he's never gotten more than 3,000 miles out of a set of pads. I get 8-9k. Though in fairness he uses those idiotic superlight rotors that probably get overheated from just sitting in the sun. It might not be a fair comparison.

bikeme 03-24-20 02:44 AM

I have 180mm front and 160mm rear on my XC bike--I used to have a 160mm on the front but enjoy the stopping power of the larger disc on steep, tech descents. I'm seeing 203mm on enduro and DH bikes for the same reason.

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