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MadMan2k 04-22-20 04:23 PM

Getting back into it/Kona Explosif excitement
Hi folks,
I haven't done any mountain biking for about 13 years since I broke the frame on my last bike. I just decided to get back into it amidst the shaken-up state of affairs these days. I could stand to lose a few pounds and wanted to revisit this hobby for the fresh air and exercise, plus of course the fun!

I got a leftover 2018 Kona Explosif from the local shop at what I think was quite a bargain, the parts on it are better than what I could get on a 2020 model for a similar price.
Anyone else on here riding one of these? It's got a steel frame which I like the idea of, seems it would bend rather than break if it came to it but Kona also has the lifetime frame warranty.

I haven't ridden it beyond the test ride around the shop and a bit up and down the street I live on, but it's been a lot of fun so far. I had the shop set it up tubeless which will be my first experience with that. I used to ride with heavy duty tubes and slime which was pretty good but I guess a lot heavier. Looking forward to trying it out on a trail ASAP.

Requisite first wheelie picture:

eshew 04-22-20 08:11 PM

Don't have a Kona hardtail but have 3 of their dual suspensions. Super fun bikes, you're going to love it!

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