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Marvin 07-10-05 02:54 PM

What Type Bike Matches my Needs???????
I know this has been asked a million times, but a search gives me a bunch of replies that are different from my needs. I have not ridden in years, but used to ride all the time when I was younger. I am 33, weigh about 215, and am 5'11". This is how much I weigh now due to shoulder issues that have kept me from the Gym. I plan on getting back to my normal 195 or so weight. That being said, I will be using the Bike for local trails and road use, but not much jumping or that sort of thing. I do not like buying cheap stuff, but at the same time do not want to spend over $1000 on this, even less if applicable. There are so many options I do not know where to start. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

DMN 07-10-05 03:03 PM

The Kona Hoss is built for larger chaps.

Raiyn 07-11-05 01:35 AM

The Hoss is an excellent choice for an off the shelf big guy bike, however there are plenty of other bikes that can be made suitable through part swaps

notfred 07-11-05 01:47 AM

I think the Hoss is overkill for someone weighing 215. I weigh 200, and with all my gear I'm probably 215, and I don't feel the need to ride a Hoss.

Mikey_C 07-11-05 03:39 AM

agree, the kona is meant to take a pounding, any decent hardtail in your price range will hold up:
trek 6500 disc
specialized rockhopper disc

examples of brands that are most commonly found at an LBS--also best bang for buck value

Raiyn 07-11-05 03:48 PM

Originally Posted by notfred
I think the Hoss is overkill for someone weighing 215. I weigh 200, and with all my gear I'm probably 215, and I don't feel the need to ride a Hoss.

Like I said. A couple key mods and a lot of the regular bikes will work fine

Marvin 07-11-05 04:43 PM

I did not think 215 was that heavy, but like I said my weight will not be their long. I usually weigh in around 195, sometimes less, but that is getting to skinny for me. I went to the LBS today and looked. They carry Specialized, Trek, Haro, and Rocky Mountain. I really like the specialized, but had work clothes on so I could not try them out. The salesman was excellent, spent a lot of time with me and told me not to buy until I rode them. Never seen a salesman tell someone not to buy. Anyway, I will ride some on this coming Wed. I liked the Specialized XC model, the salesman knows the trails around here and said it would be a great bike to grow into. Anythoughts on the different levels and weather or not they are worth the extra money? That would be refering to the FSR XC. FSR XC COMP, and the FSR XC PRO DISC. Are the differences worth the extra money? He also said the Hardrock would be good if I wanted to go Hardtail, any thoughts?

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