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nmn25 07-11-05 07:42 PM

I have a 2005 Kona scrap. My friend is offerring to sell me his 04 Drop Off Triple. Would putting that fork on my bike be a good idea? why or why not.

The Drop Off Triple has 155 mm (6.1 inches) of travel. The stock fork is a dirt jam pro (100 mm). How much will it change my geometry (especially when jumping), and the strenghth of the frame. If anybody can give me their opinion on the 04 Drop Off Triple, that would be great. any info would really help. Also, if you have a hardtail with a dual crown fork, please respond and tell me about it.

norcodirtjumper 07-11-05 08:19 PM

I think it would be fun to ride once you get used to it. Me and my friends do stuff to our bikes that other people would say is stupid because of the geometry being thrown off. But we dont care. Me personally, I would buy that fork.

harov3 07-11-05 08:33 PM

Its a very bad idea. Your talking about a 50% increase in fork travel and the accompanying changes in chassis geometry. The result will be a cracked or broken frame at the lower rear of the head tube. The good bit is you probably wont see it coming. See this link

You can fit a dual crown fork to a hardtail but the fork must be similar travel and geometry to your old fork. Another 20mm travel would probably be ok but not another 50mm!

nmn25 07-11-05 09:10 PM

I have already read that forum. I know it would be a stretch, thats why i'm posting. I thought though that because it is a "burly" hardtail and the fork has less travel than most dual crown (6.1 inches apose to 7) and the head angle is relativly vertical (69 degrees) (stinky has 65.5 degreese and the head and top tube look the same as the scrap), that it might be ok. My local bike shop said it should be fine and won't really weaken this frame (might feel a little different). I guess i'm just looking for a bunch of opinions from both sides, especially if someone has exsperiance with this sort of thing (bike mechanic/shop worker or did it to their bike). Please respond!

Dannihilator 07-11-05 10:14 PM


Dannihilator 07-11-05 10:16 PM

The above post represents the idea of putting a dual crown on a hardtail. It's stupid.

harov3 07-12-05 12:44 AM

Originally Posted by KonaRider24
The above post represents the idea of putting a dual crown on a hardtail. It's stupid.

Overstated, but I like flafel.

Dirtbike 07-12-05 01:11 AM

Both of the forks suck. Its not really an upgrade. Save and get something like a Fox Vanilla 130

[bEn] 07-12-05 01:40 AM

Originally Posted by Dirtbike
Both of the forks suck. Its not really an upgrade. Save and get something like a Fox Vanilla 130

Fox Vanilla would be great. My friend is thinking of putting a dual crown on his Schwinn Mesa GSD, i just shook my head, its just stupid. He wouldn't afford it anyway.

stapfam 07-12-05 03:06 AM

I Know this was on a Tandem. but the principle on changing the head angle will still be the same. I went from rigid to Freeride dropoffs at 135mm to Boxers at 150mm. No difference in handling on the bike although the head angle had gone from 70 to 65. Steering felt possibly slow on the uphills, but just try to catch us on the downhill sections. Downhill the steering is so positive, the confidence gain has been tremendous.
Worry is whether the Down tube will take the extra stress that a triple crown will give it. Kona's make a strong bike, but then it all depends on how aggressive you are going to be. Try the forks before you commit yourself to buying them, but keep an eye on that headtube.

nmn25 07-12-05 10:40 PM

I'm do 3-5' high jumps and drops, and some are onto flat. Also, I do a lot of single track bombs and urban riding (lower middle level freerider). I love the feel of the stinky's and the bighit fsr (out of my price range). I geuss i'm almst trying to duplicate that on a hard tail.

Thank you to everyone who responded. If there is more to say, please say it.

Just for kicks, is there any sort hard tail that could safely accept a dual crown fork (I thought I saw a company who put out a hard tail with a dual crown).

nmn25 07-12-05 11:55 PM

I guess i'm going for something like this:

Drunken Chicken 07-13-05 03:00 AM

Originally Posted by nmn25
I guess i'm going for something like this:

Yeah, that's the first frame that comes to mind. :)

Dannihilator 07-13-05 09:06 AM

Not for me, the first that comes across my mind is the Evil Imperial.

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