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CombustorCans 10-28-20 12:17 AM

Rockhopper Repair Advice
I bought this bike new in 2004 (I think). I've replaced the chain a bunch of times already, but everything is pretty worn out now. I would like to replace the complete groupset, but have no idea what will work. I think what's on it now is Shimano Deore.

- Should I consider go to a 1x11or12? Will this even fit on the stock wheel? The rear frame opening measures 136MM.

- Is there a groupset kit that will include everything needed? Crank, cassette, chain, bottom bracket, etc...

- The shifters are integrated into the brake levers. Will I need new levers if I delete the shifters?

- Do I bother considering doing a disc brake upgrade here? The frame has the caliper mounting points on it already, but not sure if it's worth doing.


bikeme 10-28-20 01:02 AM

That's a lot to change--and a lot of money to do so--if you can even get things to fit. Most new components aren't compatible with that old of bike (you'd need disc brake bosses; bolt-on ones are hokey, newer cassettes won't fit that axle spacing, etc. ). You should put that money towards a new bike. You'll get better geometry, technology, efficiency, value. Especially the latter, as bike companies get bulk pricing on OEM components. Sadly, you're at the point where only option is to replace the aging stuff with like items or buy a new or newer-used bike.

70sSanO 10-28-20 04:00 AM

You want to go from a 3x9 to 1x11.

You can’t go 1x12 with your wheels or any rim brake wheels.

You will need to use your old wheels.

You can’t go to disc.

You will need new brake levers, maybe Tektro.

Deore M5100 1x crank, BB, M5100 SGS RD & M5100 Shifter. Any 11 speed Shimano compatible mtb cassette up to 51t should work and a chain.

If you absolutely have to get a new wheelset, get a rim brake compatible like a Rhyno Lite with Deore 610. First re-evaluate even doing the upgrade.

You need to check out the M5100 specs before you buy. It is Hollowtech II, so there shouldn’t be an issue.

You might be pushing the investment for that bike, but if you do the work yourself it’ll be cheaper than a new bike if you don’t need wheels.

There are also maintenance items such as brake pads, cables and housings, tires, grips that will increase the cost.


CombustorCans 10-28-20 08:29 PM

Going to abandon bother trying to upgrade this thing.

Gonna look into get something up to date.

70sSanO 10-29-20 07:03 PM

That is probably a good idea. Plus used bikes sell pretty quick these days.


tallbikeman 11-01-20 10:43 PM

CombusterCans good luck with your new bicycle search and buy.

Astrozombie 11-02-20 02:02 AM

How is the fork? But yah there's a point on an old bike where it's just not worth it to try and get it running like new. Get some new brake pads, new chain, new tires, that's about it.

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