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anze_awesome 11-11-20 05:15 AM

Canyon stitched 360 Pro
If anyone here has experience with the Canyon stitched 360 Pro can you please tell me how do the wheel (Alexrims FR30) hold up. I'm looking for people who have the bike and do tricks on big jumps and ride hardcore street. I'm currently looking to buying a Canyon stitched 360 Pro and I wouldn't say I'm a completely hardcore rider, but I'm close to being one, and I need information from a really skilled rider who can tell me something about the wheels.

micu76 12-11-20 08:27 AM


I do have the bike, and you can find a fairly complete description of my setup on

While I am not (yet ;-)) the kind of hardcore rider you are probably looking for, I haven't had issues so far with the stock wheels, based on Alexrims FR30 rims.
I do not like very much Canyon's proprietary rear hub, with the integrated 11T sprocket, which cannot be replaced...

I may soon go for a wheelset upgrade. If I'll do, I will document it on

Hope it helps.
Best regards,


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