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Tuneball 05-11-21 03:12 PM

Advice needed - Trek 820
Looking to buy a Trek 820 ST, which is going for $375 CAD.

Any thoughts on the Trek 820 ST?

Darth Lefty 05-11-21 04:12 PM

Trek made a budget mountain bike called 820 for decades so you're really going to have to tell us the year. That sounds like a lot but this year has been bonkers for used bikes. Since a lot of those years were more than 20 ago, you might also be better off in the classic & vintage "what's it worth" subforum.

veganbikes 05-11-21 09:03 PM

The bike new from Trek with the lowest end of components is a stately $425. That particular bike is almost like a high end Wal-mart bike and unfortunately a lot of manufacturers are doing that to compete with the bottom. I would spend about $25-100 on that bike used. A vintage version might be less depending on condition I wouldn't use it for mountain biking of any sort but as a complete beater bike to ride very occasionally it is a bike.

biker128pedal 05-15-21 05:13 PM

So new about $520CD. Used depends on how old and shape.

2old 05-18-21 09:10 AM

I had an 820 many years ago and it was an excellent, while inexpensive, bike. At that price it would need to be pristine and fit perfectly though.

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