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Bike-Newby 08-15-05 10:10 PM

Cool Team Name Suggestion Needed!!!
A couple buddies and I are going to be doing an Adventure Race in about 7 months. We need your guy's help in coming up with a cool Team Name. Thanks

J-McKech 08-15-05 11:36 PM

"Neighborhood Watch" :D

gwhunt23 08-16-05 09:05 AM

What's your race number? Last time I did a team race, we got #360. So our name was Full Circle. :)

I'd consider Chainbreakers, as last month I nearly went through 2 chains. :eek: I think I've fixed that now though...

SpiderMike 08-16-05 10:02 AM

MySpace rejects

Dirteaters - probably be a jinx more than a team name.

Team name I've seen that took the least amount of effort - Team No Name.

DMN 08-16-05 10:15 AM

Norfolk 'n good


Norfolk 'n chance

Where of course Norfolk is rightly pronounced "Norfook".

CranxOC 08-16-05 10:36 AM

The strangest team I ever saw at a 24 hour event was "The Brew Crew." Now, in and of itself, that isn't too interesting until you consider this: these knobs filled their Camelbaks with beer and rode the entire 24 hour race drunk!

Needless to say, they had some major issues (I'm sure if you think about it for a second you can come up with about 100 problems with this tactic) but it was sort of funny nonetheless.

As for your team name, how about "Hind-Quarters" (if you're a 4 man team), "Breakin' Wind", "Fat Tire Flatus", or, if you'd like something not referrencing your a**es :D how about "Rolling Resistence" or "Rubber Knobs."

outdoorboy 08-16-05 10:42 AM

  • Ride Hard, Store Wet
  • Lost Ambitions
  • Go to the light
  • To the moon, Alice
  • Fueled by Beer :D

DMN 08-16-05 10:47 AM

Two Football teams I saw once where called - Interbeer and Dynamo Kebab.

JavaMan 08-16-05 11:38 AM

How about "Ultegra"? Oops, wrong thread!

How about "BikeForums"? That should get you a lot of support from around here.

Have you considered "Orient Express", "Tachyon" (faster than light), "Imperial Walkers", or "Quadzilla"? 08-16-05 11:52 AM

Team Poopy Pants

willtsmith_nwi 08-16-05 08:52 PM

Team Idannou

Dannihilator 08-16-05 09:03 PM


Crack'n'fail 08-16-05 09:11 PM

In order to get some good suggestions, you might give us some more insight into you and your team members.

On the other hand I've always wanted to make a team called "Team Lazy-Boy" and tote recliners in the trailer with the bike and sit around drinking beers before the race. That would be fun.

zx108 08-16-05 10:10 PM

lost faith

my paintball team's name :)
you can borrow it

MadMan2k 08-16-05 11:44 PM

War Pigs


[bEn] 08-17-05 12:14 AM

The Team

Dirtbike 08-17-05 01:10 AM

Billy Joe.

Raiyn 08-17-05 01:39 AM

No Imagination

Dirtbike 08-17-05 01:45 AM

kant rase or spel

Raiyn 08-17-05 01:49 AM

Pig Squealers

Hopper 08-17-05 02:11 AM

Chicken Line Racing
Or you can all rock up in flanalette shirts and be "Team Flannel" A couple years ago in the state DH series there was a team Flannel.... they did really well and looked like bogans all at the same time:p

Raiyn 08-17-05 02:23 AM

High Ground Williams
(This is a bit more obvious and slightly meaner)
Gomer's Pyles

What can I say? You didn't exactly give us much to work with

Zub Zub 08-17-05 02:42 AM

Far Canal

mtnbiker66 08-17-05 04:35 AM

Screaming Cheeta Wheelies

Crack'n'fail 08-17-05 08:21 AM

You could be the Fast Flesh Flyers

and ride naked.

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