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MTBnOH 08-17-05 11:22 AM

Suggest a bike for are my requirements
Under or around $300 - preferably under


good for bike paths/minor grass/dirt hills

I'm pretty new to this...haven't ridden a bike in 7 years (old bike is a old schwinn mtb)

I will be using this for exercise also

Recommend me something,,,,,,,,also, please post pics of it if you have any.

Trek 820
Specialized Hard Rock Sport are the 2 i can think of, although, specialized is gettin up there in price.

jameyj 08-17-05 11:33 AM

Giant Boulder SE or Giant Rincon

outdoorboy 08-17-05 01:40 PM

What he said!

harov3 08-18-05 05:42 AM

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Look here

DiRt DeViL 08-18-05 05:47 AM

Trek 3000 series can be had for that amount of money. I work part time at a Trek dealer and got a 3900 for a friend for $300.

Visit your shop and look around.

heybrady 08-18-05 01:32 PM

With the fear of getting my head bitten off....

I recently purchased a new Schwinn Mesa off ebay for $210 after shipping. No fear, it was from a LBS in Jersey, so I kept the money away from xmart. I was able to sit and try one out in person and found a deal on ebay. It has same specs as the ~$300 bikes from Trek, Giant, etc. I just started riding and dont use it for much else than riding Metroparks trails and occasional dirt trail. Nothing crazy. It does the job. I am happy with the purchase. If I ever get to the point where I am doing serious mtn biking, I would upgrade, but I am not there yet.

Trek 820 is steel frame and non preload fork. Giant is pretty nice from what I hear. Probably would have ended up with Trek 3900 if it wasnt for the ebay deal.

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