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bighit09 09-16-05 06:11 PM

Alright i have a '04 Bighit comp and and im looking to get some more does anybody know of any swingarms to get more travel some where in the 8 inch range thank for any help...i found this
but it says it is only for 01 to 03 so do they make anything like this for the 04s?

TroyLeeRacer199 09-16-05 06:42 PM

Speacialized has a rear Shock on their website for more travel.

Maelstrom 09-16-05 07:24 PM

They no longer make that linkage (besides I am 90% sure it wouldn't work, they flipped the placement of bearings). You are sol in that regard. You could find the 2004 dh and switch out the linkage and swingarm. I am pretty sure that will work.

troy, adding a new shock without changing the linkage isn't likely to do much but kill your bike.

Maelstrom 09-16-05 07:53 PM

This is likely your best option :)

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