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Sincitycycler 09-16-05 11:33 PM

Anybody make an orange MTB?
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FNG here again. I have a thing for orange since Eddy Merckx is my favorite all-racer and my roadie is therefore orange. :o
Orange gets dirty easily I wouild thing on a MTB - hell I may just get this black Specialized hardtail for $300.00- but i'm just curiouis if there are any "tangerines" out there? :)

skyfish 09-16-05 11:41 PM

harov3 09-17-05 03:56 AM


[bEn] 09-17-05 04:22 AM

2005 Kona Cowan.

wildjim 09-17-05 04:34 AM

2006 Kona Kula Deluxe - Dawg Supreme - SCRAP - Stinky Primo - King Supreme

[bEn] 09-17-05 04:41 AM

I like the look of that 06 Dawg Supreme. Kona have a lot of interesting colours.

wildjim 09-17-05 04:49 AM

Originally Posted by sS-bEn
I like the look of that 06 Dawg Supreme. Kona have a lot of interesting colours.

I've got my eye on the Kona Kula Deluxe; but I like the burnt orange color of the Dawg Supreme and King Supreme.

Bogaurd 09-17-05 06:33 AM

I've seen orange avanti bikes...

Sincitycycler 09-17-05 08:05 AM


bruiser2 09-17-05 08:39 AM

Cannondale Chase (one of them not sure which) but thats kind of a bronzy color. And i thought the 05 Cowan was the red one, isn't the 04 orange?

Speedub.Nate 09-17-05 09:01 AM

My Van Dessel Buzz Bomb is a lovely shade of Orange...

DMN 09-17-05 09:09 AM

Cheating a little but:


Pocorider 09-17-05 10:26 PM

Norco Bigfoot

n2f090 09-17-05 10:38 PM

Yeti 575

mrk 09-17-05 10:41 PM

Isn't there an orange Specialized Hardrock for the 06 model? I thought I saw one the other day.

scrublover 09-17-05 11:10 PM

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yep. de-stickered Ionic Johnny Rotten SS.

blue_neon 09-17-05 11:12 PM

Sincitycycler - that is the funniest sig :lol:

Sincitycycler 09-18-05 09:16 AM

Originally Posted by blue_neon
Sincitycycler - that is the funniest sig :lol:

Yeah. Thanks. I think it's funny as hell. :)

elixir 09-18-05 09:54 AM

Intense 5.5

santiago 09-18-05 11:24 AM

I second the Turner reference.

Sincitycycler 09-18-05 10:27 PM

Originally Posted by elixir

Ah yes . My new mtb! Is it a good one? How much $$$ :p :p :p :p

Maelstrom 09-18-05 10:30 PM

One of the best...and a few grand ;)

Sincitycycler 09-20-05 11:21 PM

[QUOTE=Sincitycycler][SIZE=4]Ah yes . But expensive!!!

anthonaut 09-20-05 11:40 PM

Orange Orange 224

Sincitycycler 09-22-05 12:23 PM

Originally Posted by anthonaut

Cool. How much?? :( :)

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