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Whats your bike riding history story?

Well, I stared out with a cheap tricycle when I was three. Then got the trek 820 when I turned 6 and rode that till I was 11. Next came my good ol trek 4300 and that bike made me start explorations around my neighborhood and eventually miles away. That started my bike hobby. And untill June 3rd this yr,a day before my 15th birthday, I got my trek bruiser 3, which i waited 6 months for! lol i like trek alot, but ride almost everyday How bout you?
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Killer B
THIS BIKE'S 4 U !!!!
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Location: Western, NC .... (Pisgah, Bent Creek, DuPont)
Bikes: HARO Xtreme X2, K2 Lithium 3.0, K2 Beast, K2 Flyin' Monkey, DiamondBack Accent EX, DiamondBack Axis TR
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I figure just about everyone rode a bike in their pre-teen & early teen years, so I'll skip those times. Then just before getting my driver's license @ 16, I started riding my old Murray 10 speed bike around in the woods near my parents home. I'd never even heard of MtnBiking (this was 1976). I don't think it was even officially a sport yet.
Anyway, after I got my license to drive, I (along with just about everyone else in the world) kinda parked my bike. It wasn't until 15 years later that I got back into riding my bike full time and bought a new MtnBike. Since then (1993) I've bought a total of 5 bikes, and can't imagine life w/o riding my bikes several times a week. I love it to say the least!

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Location: Waterford/Trumbull, CT
Bikes: Iron Horse Rogue / Mongoose ALD Pro / Fuji Sunfire
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My bikes:

1. A "shkolnick". I got it when I was seven and living in Minsk. Had a girls frame and only one speed but what can you expect from a country where the blulk of the steel went to building tanks.

2. Some bike that I found abandoned outside and fixed up with my grandpa.

3. A Huffy something or other from a yard sale, it was stolen and I was gutted at the time.

4. A Magna "BMX" style bike I got at a yard sale for 5 bucks when I was 10.

5. A Huffy Sledgehammer that I got for my 15th birthday. It weighed more than I did but I wanted nothing else until I rode a Trek 820 and saw the light.

6. A Fuji Sunfire which I got for very little cash on EBay. I still have it and my mom rides it, good bike.

7. A Mongoose ALD pro (my dad's bike at the moment). I bought it when I went to ship the road bike I sold on EBay. Saw it and couldn't believe the price and what it offered.

8. My new Iron Horse Rogue.
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Prefers Cicero
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Location: Toronto
Bikes: 1984 Trek 520; 1990s Peugeot (Canadian-made) rigid mountain bike; 2007 Bike Friday NWT; misc others
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Here's my bikeography. It's a tragic and yet somehow uplifting melodrama that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit.


1) New one-speed red kids bike from about age 6-10...maybe a CCM? Passed down to bro.

2) New three speed red Raleigh (?) cruiser from about age 10-16. Rode to school grades 7-9. Stolen.

3) New "No-name" Japanese steel 10-speed with stem shifters from about age 16-20. Rode it to campus a few times (approx 10 miles). Probably about 60 cm and a snug standover. Stolen.

As you can guess I was pretty pissed at having two consecutive bikes stolen, so I resolved to only buy used junk bikes when I moved to Toronto in 1976.

4) Second hand "no-name" gold/beige Japanese steel 10-speed with downtube shifters. Probably 56 cm. Bought 1976, stolen around 1986 while being borrowed by the babysitter. Didn't ride much in those days.

5) Second hand orange Japanese 12 speed with down tube shifters, 1986-93. Looking back I guess it must have been a tourer of sorts since it came with chrome fenders and certainly had ++ trail and felt much longer and more stable than my next bike. I wasn't as interested or knowledgeable about bike design or trivia in those days so I didn't pay much attention to its design and didn't do enough maintenance. The bottom bracket failed during my second regular year of bike commuting (1993) and could not be replaced, so I salvaged the wheels, seat, fenders and some other parts, and recycled the frame.

This brings me to my commuting years.

6) Second hand silver-gray steel Panasonic 12-speed road bike, 1993 to present. More nimble and steeper angles than the orange bike. I transferred the chrome fenders and later the seat from the last bike (after the Panasonic seat was stolen). I've put at least 25,000 urban km on this bike and left it outside my office through 1400 workdays, and it might last forever. It was my main commuter till a couple of months ago, and is now on holidays in my garage awaiting conversion to fixed, probably in spring '06.

7) Second-hand red brute of a mountain bike (Norco, I think) bought and left in Timmins, Ontario (aka "Shania-ville") to use on recurring business trips, 1995-96. Great trails. Donated to charity when the contract ended. (Ask me about the time I spoke to Shania on the plane).

8) Second hand red brute of a Norco Bigfoot, 1996 to 2005. It was probably a late 80's vintage. Used as my mountain bike and alternate commuter. Sold to a beater store for $40 last month.

So at the beginning of this year I had the Panasonic road bike which I planned to convert to fixed, and the Norco Bigfoot which I planned to sell, and I wanted a new folding mountain bike to use at home and travel with, and a used touring bike for commuting, road biking and maybe eventually loaded touring. As it turns out I've had to buy three bikes.

9) Brand new Bazooka Dakar folding mountain bike, 2005-2005. Stolen after 2 months ownership, last week. Ghaahhh!

Current bikes:

10) Second-hand 1984 Trek 520 purchased on E-Bay July 2005. My new main commuter. Upgraded with Shimano A-520 road pedals and Axiom (Norco) fenders. Rigged with C4 to self-destruct if stolen.

11) Second hand Raleigh Century mountain bike, bought this past weekend as a beater to replace the stolen #9. It caught my eye in a beater store since it had a reasonably intact Brooks B72 saddle! I can't find much information about this model line anywhere. It looks to be late 80's early 90's. Info welcome.

So what have I learned? Bikes come and go but at least some stay for a while.


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Obeying Gravity
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My grandpa has always loved bikes, that where i caught the bug. He finds bikes at thrift stores, buys them, fixes them up, and donates them to a thrift store his church owns.

My first few bikes were GT BMX bikes he built. Then last year I got my Haro Escape 8.1, and have been upgrading it since. Its an addiction, im telling you
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one word: huffy. that's all i can remember. then i stopped biking totally for maybe 6 years. i just drove mostly. i just got a mountain bike a month ago because i need something to get me around and maybe mess around with/upgrade, learn some tricks on etc. it's a trek bruiser 1, but so far it's working just dandy. maybe if i get better, upgrade my bruiser and it still sucks, i'll save for an expensive bike.
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Shwinn Sting Ray
Sears Sting Ray
A wanabee Nishiki (Nikko)
First no name Mountain Bike
A Centurion 12 speed road
A Biancbi Vitoria 12 speed road
First Specialized Stumpjumper (triple butted tubes)
Trek 9000 first full suspension bike in mass production
Trek 2000 aluminum road (built from the frame up)
Trek 7000 mtb
Custom Dean El Diente Ti road (built from the frame up)
Giant OCR touring (built from the frame up)
Is that enough.
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Drunken Chicken
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I started long long ago (I just saw the videos of me when I was like 5 riding my little blue bike down a one foot drop (I just rode it down, didn't actually drop it) with an elbow guard on my right elbow and an elbow guard on my left knee) ! Anyway, when I was around 10 I got a walmart bike, rigid, then when I turned 12 I got another walmart bike, and at the age of 13 and a half years of age I bought a Specialized Hardrock! That's about it, now I'm 14 and a bit and I'm hooked to riding.
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ride like theres not 2mrw
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I started on a Huffy. I moved to the Phillipines after a while and I was given a bigger bike, a steel Wilson branded one. It was pretty cool, light, but it was an on-road mountain bike. Now I have the Bruiser 1 and I actually use it off-road, but because I live in the urban jungle, I'm mostly on-road.
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Location: FoCo, Colorado
Bikes: Ridley Helium, 83/84 Shogun 600, ~85 Peugeot (PGN 10?), Masi Vincere Premio, Miyata 600GT
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Started out with plastic batman tricycle in the mid 80s, then was upgraded to a "He-Man" bike that was super badass even with Training wheels. I then got a Huffy Radio bike for Christmas one year probably early 90s, which I really enjoyed. I would ride it through the woods, ride it off docks into lakes, whatever. At some point I upgraded to a bike with "gears," some deep blue X-part pos that was remarkably heavy, but hey it was all I knew and I did a lot with, it just took all the energy I had. Finally in 1999 despite my family's protests I got my first "around" $500 bike- the Trek 830. I loved it and was unable to convince my family how much better it was than their Wally World (Wal-Mart) specials. In 2000 I got a Trek subvert 1.0 for doing tricks and jumps that I couldn't quite get done with the MTB. Then I was off to college and my parents sold the subvert but luckily the 830 was spared. My junior year in college I brought out the 830 and began commuting with until my rear tire blew out right after a tune-up my senior year then it was back in the closet, but for a shorter hiatus this time. About a year later (a few months ago from now) I pulled it out changed the tires, chain, and seat, and have hit it full bore once again. I now have my 05 Specialized Stumpjumper on layaway for another month or so, but I go down to the LBS and ride it around the parking lot But soon enough it will be all mine
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Cowtown, AB
Bikes: Titus El Guapo, Misfit diSSent, Cervelo Soloist Carbon, Wabi Lightning, et al.
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1. Supercycle from Canadian Tire. Mom taught me how to ride. Trashed after 6 years.
2. Some POS 12-speed with suicide brakes and stem mount shifters. Took it off-roading one too many times. Left it at the mall and it was stolen.
3. Nishiki Rockhound. Stolen from school.
4. Apollo Grand Tour 12-spd road bike with full Shimano 600! Eventually sold after much abuse.
5. Tech Crossroads. This is where I learned how to repack bottom brackets. I also upgraded the bike to Deore 6-spd in the rear. First endo. Stolen.
6. Specialized Stumpjumper Team. Fully rigid, with SunTour XC Pro. First real mtn biking experience. Stolen.
7. Marinoni road bike with Campy Chorus. Got it used for $400. Swapped out Campy 6spd rear wheel for a used Ultegra 7 speed. Sold it two years later for $400.
8. Specialized M2 Comp. First bike with front suspension. Swapped out the brakes to some high-dollar purple anodized crap. Swapped out fork to an AMP B3. Swapped out cranks to 180mm Race Face. Swapped out stem to 135mm Syncros. Swapped out BB to Syncros Ti. Swapped out headset for Race Face. Sold frame to a guy who BS'd his way to a new frame on warranty.
9. Bought Specialized M2 Pro road bike.
10. Bought used Trek 8500 frame, front der from a racer. Built up bike with parts from Specialized bike. Bought Marzocchi Z2 used from friend. Raced 2 years, then used as loaner bike for visiting dignitaries and couch surfers.
11. Bought Stumpjumper FSR Pro. First full-boing bike. Swapped out SID for Marz. Z1. Swapped out Avid Ultimate front brake for Avid mech Disc.
12. Sold Trek 8500 to buddy at work. Subsequently stolen.
13. Bought 1987 Bianchi Axis with about 40 km on it. Modified for commuter use with all the good parts off the 8500 plus fenders. Converted to 8 spd rear with wheel from M2 Pro road bike and SunTour XC Pro thumbs. Soon to be converted to single-speed.
14. Bought new Trek 8500. Upgraded fork, stem, handlebar, tires, seatpost, seat, grips. Sold FSR.
15. Bought Brodie Unibomber for winter commuting.
16. Bought Cervelo R2.5 Chorus with custom wheels and new calipers.
Proud Member of the HHCMF
'06 Cervelo Soloist Carbon | '09 Titus El Guapo | '09 Misfit diSSent | '09 Wabi Lightning

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down south cracka'
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I've ridden bikes all my life. I started racing BMX 20 inchers when I was 12 or 13, then started riding street and trails on 20 inchers up untill about a couple years ago. (Im now 22) I had knee surgery so I hadnt been on a bike for a while (I also had a pretty promising soccer career going) and I recently picked up a couple C'dales MTB to get back on a bike and ride trails.

Im 20" born and bread, and it really relflects in my riding.
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Bikes: 2001 Litespeed Vortex - Shimano Ultegra, Jamis Dakar XC- Shimano XT, Diamond Back Axis TT- rigid with drop bars and bar end shifters
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started with the basic kiddie bike and learned to ride, apparently I learned how to jump on my tricycle according to my brother who would push me off jumps. Went to my stingray which was soon turned into a bmx/jumping bike, destroyed that bike. Inherited my moms unused Centurian road bike 10 sp with bar end shifters, pretty sweet. Outgrew that one and then inherited my dads version of the same bike but with a few upgraded parts from when my bro had it. Put lots of miles on that one. Started driving, stopped biking for the most part. In college I got a cheap ass walmart mtn bike, put alot of suprisingly hard miles on it, bike never would break nor would anyone steal it.....Gave it away once I road a friends specialized rock hopper, decided I needed a better bike if i'm goign to continue riding off road. Bought a trek 950 (1989)- LOVED that bike, put Scott bars on it, blackburn rack, ti spindle pedals, xt thumbshifters, aztec brake pads, etc... Put about 15,000 miles at least on it before it was stolen... Replaced that with a Wheeler Mtn. bike, full xt, good steel frame, good bike but not alot of personality. Picked up a Trek 2100 road bike, very slightly used, started doing alot more road miles. Sold the wheeler around 1998 and bought a used Diamond Back TT (ti) off my brother, which was turned into my rigid, drop bar, bar end shifter commuter, dirt road bike last year. Rebuilt the Trek 2100 the other year, and just sold it a couple months ago, had about 15-17,000 miles on it. Bought a Jamis Dakar dual suspension for the dirt duties and another used bike for the road, a 2001 Litespeed Vortex.
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