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never 08-09-06 08:55 PM

Can't wait to ride those east coast trails. My wife just has to confirm dates with her sister then I'm going to be booking flights for the East Coast Forum Ride! ride report complete with a bunch of pictures...

My wife and I headed out to Fernie this past weekend for some hiking, biking, and relaxing. All I am including are pictures of the biking! We hit mainly intermediate trails and they were a lot of fun. Twisty, rooty, through various terrains and soil types, and most of them had smaller drops and jumps along them. There were a bunch of more difficult trails but we didn't get to wife's still fairly uncomfortable on the more difficult stuff, I didn't want to kill her! I'm heading back there this weekend with a couple of riding buddies...depending on the time we have, we may hit up the lifts at Fernie Alpine Resort.

Powerline trail...not very exciting but lots of up and down...mostly up. It was a necessary evil to get to some of the sweet trails:

Mushroomhead Trail...pretty easy but had a fun descent:

Dem Bones...a continuation of Mushroomhead...another fun descent

Simon has to get water where ever he can:

Splitting Bears Trail...through deeper forest with loamy, rooty terrain. We rode it the wrong way so it was more climbing and most of the stunts were designed for the other direction:

never 08-09-06 08:56 PM

Splitting Bears Trail continued from previous post:

No pictures from Kid's Stuff Trail but here's a shot of Ecoterrorist Trail:

Sidewinder Trail was dry, dusty and a pretty fun descent:

More pictures to come from this coming weekend...we'll be on the more intense trails so it should be more interesting!

Dannihilator 08-09-06 10:58 PM

Very nice.

mtnbiker66 08-10-06 04:43 AM

So your gonna make the forums ride???? Sweeeet!

mtnbiker66 08-13-06 03:18 PM

Got out and did about 17 miles with N2bikeN today. He's loving the trails around here and he'll do a report in a week or so. We did Caney Bottom and Daniel ridge in Pisgah..... good times.

joshbert 08-18-06 03:52 PM

I have had my first flat tire and it was not fun. I had to walk about 3.5 miles back to my car. I dont know if thats a lot, but it is not very fun when you didnt bring a spare tube.

mtnbiker66 08-18-06 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by joshbert
I have had my first flat tire and it was not fun. I had to walk about 3.5 miles back to my car. I dont know if thats a lot, but it is not very fun when you didnt bring a spare tube.

Lesson learned? I was out on Wed. and flatted twice, both nasty snakebites. I wound up having to push out about a mile. Always carry extra gear......

Karldar 08-18-06 08:40 PM

That's funny! I rode Long Hunter this morning and must've gotten a snakebite. I had to pump up the tube in my rear tire 6 a slime tube in there, but it was strugglin' to seal those holes. Might oughta patch it, I guess....

DarkHaze 08-19-06 08:28 AM

Some little mountain by me in the Meadowlands.... Super steep climbs and downhill has real bad footing and barely ridable. Pretty demanding and fun. As you can see my brother had to walk it down on the 2nd pic which i stopped about half way down to take the picture. :lol:

mtnbiker66 08-19-06 03:12 PM

Got and epic in Pisgah with N2bikeN and girlscout. Rode Farlow Gap/Daniel ridge. I'll let N2 tell it when he gets home but there was 10 miles of sustained climbing, blood flowing from my leg,and monsoon like downpours.

TomM 08-20-06 03:03 PM

Here are som pictures of the Osceola National Forest down here in the flatlands of Florida.:

Newfie Funkwell 08-20-06 05:14 PM

Went on a really nice ride today that included a nice crash on my part. It was rainy earlier in the day so the trail was pretty slick, escpecially on the flat, steep downhill section wehre I bailed. All was good until I hit the very last part of the section where you have to turn, my back tire slid out sending me over the handlebars about 7 feet straight down on to a large boulder. No serious injuries, thank god, just a bloodied elbow and a big strip of skin off my thigh. Here in Newfoundland, Canada all the trails are really technical with loose rocks everywhere, the trails we did today runs right along a cliff overlooking the atlantic, Ill take some pics next weekend when my freinds and I do it again.

cryptid01 08-27-06 10:57 PM

I rode some new trails today at Dark Mountain NC. The downhill was short, but pretty good, but some of the features seemed rather contrived (e.g. the "log garden."). The XC loop was much better, about 8 miles of smooth fast rolling flowy singletrack. Fun fun fun.

Then we hit the DH course again, I ate sh|t and rebroke my rib. F***!

mtnbiker66 08-28-06 04:36 AM

I rode with the SORBA group in Pisgah.We had about 10 come out for a pretty good loop. We rode maxwell to Black mtn then Thrift cove to Sycamore Cove(The big M). Girlscout crashed hard at speed on lower Black,went through the rocks in a head first baseball slide. Then I crashed on a section of Sycamore that is tight and twisty. I piled it up on the same knee I busted up last week.I sooooooo flippin' stupid, I have a good pair of Fox Static knee pads in my truck. I would be fine if I would just wear them.

mtnbiker66 08-29-06 06:47 PM

What the heck is up?? I go out today for a short SS ride and get a Yellow Jacket in the helmet. Stung the crap out of me!!

Karldar 08-30-06 06:16 AM


Originally Posted by mtnbiker66
What the heck is up?? I go out today for a short SS ride and get a Yellow Jacket in the helmet. Stung the crap out of me!!

Suh-weet, dude!;) Stupid yellow jackets! I've never liked them....

No ridin' for me, unless you count my Ducati.:) Too wet for the trails right now.

a2psyklnut 08-30-06 07:20 AM

Rode this past weekend, both Sat. and Sun. Hit the trails at Alafia River State Park on Sat. I hadn't been up there since they opened the new trail and finally got to ride it. Nice flowy trail. You can tell the trailbuilders are learning a lot over the years and from the I.M.B.A. trail crews on their visits. The new trail was designed and built very well. You can really get going on it!

Rode at Boyette Trail on Sun. with some friends. Had a ball, got wore out from riding on Sat., so I ended up limping back to the truck! I think I got dehydrated, cause I felt overheated. Easy to do down here in FL with 90 degree temps and 99% humidity. After I got some salt in me, I was good again!

edkruzel 08-30-06 03:12 PM

Well here in the desert we have been getting pounded with heavy rains and flooding (go figure). The weather was nice this past weekend with mild temps (upper 80's) and heavy cloud cover.
I hit my favorite trail (Redd Rd.) where the lower valleys and single tracks are washed out pretty bad so I hit some of the jeep trails.
That quickly became boring so I decided to cross where there where no real trails and get back to my original ride.
I looked down a long steep hill and figured it doable; WRONG... about half way down I buried the front fork and did my best superman impersonation; some air but mostly ground contact.
Just as I stopped the bike landed on my back and head; not so big of a deal as I had my helmet on and was also wearing a pack. I rolled over on my back and began checking myself for injuries.
Scrapes on my legs, arms and chin, two fingers broken and dislocated but nothing real serious.

As I began to get up I noticed a rather large diamondback rattler a few feet to my right; it wasn't coiled or rattling at all as if it didn't care in the least that I was so close.
I figured it was laughing to hard to think of me as a threat and let me go on about my way.

I'll give it a couple of weeks and head out there again; maybe not the same hill though.

DaveVictors 08-31-06 08:36 AM

Just got out last night for my first real ride on my new '03 Sugar 293 at the hydrocut trails in Kitchener/Waterloo. (SW Ontario)

And I gotta say, I'm a convert! It ROCKS. It's my first FS bike (Been riding a steel peugeot hardtail for years), lighter than my old, smooth as silk. I've been out of shape this year as my old bike just wasn't up to snuff anymore. (6 rides this year on it, 5 rebuilds, enough of that!)

The things they say about 29ers are true. Rolls better, absorbs more of the trail, logs and rocks are a treat, tracks like there's no tomorrow, needs more leg to get rolling, great on short uphill, more work on long uphill, screams on the downhill.

Best ride I've ever had. Can't wait to get out again!

C Law 08-31-06 09:21 AM

Ride at Killington Mountain on 8/26/06. Weather was perfect. Me and the wife took a trip to Killington. I am training for the Vermont 50 later this september, and she like to hit the trails a bit. Well, we rode for most of the day, and I ended up doing 4 climbs from the base to the summit. I think total climbing was about 7200 ft. About all I could muster after riding my singlespeed at KTA all day friday.

It was a great day to ride, mid sixties at the base to high fifties at the summit. Pretty cloudy with brakes of sunshine. The last climb of the day, I took the camera on the climb up and the trip down While the wife relaxed a bit and went to spend some money.

Shot to the Top of Killington from the parking lot at the beginning of the climb and the trusty steed. The fork is still at 5'' travel, but I dial it down to 3'' for the climb, which helps considerably

Here are some shots of the peak from about 2/3's of the way up climbing trail #2. It's pretty cool because you are climbing for a while and you don't really see anything above you, just views of the surrounding hills and mountains. The you come up a switchback, pass some tight trees, and get a nice view of the peak.

Finally at the top sit, I sit and rest and take in a clif bar and some water. There are some nice views up here

Ok, so the fun part is at hand. Lower the seat, Crank the fork back to 5'' and let er rip. I took trail 7 to 13 to 8 on the way down.

Pretty Gnarly rock garden

C Law 08-31-06 09:23 AM

rock garden continued........

Further down on 7, Just some nice rocky, rooty, singletrack

And just a little bridge at the beginning of 8. Nothing too fancy, but the entrance is difficult as you have to turnleft on off camber roots to line it up right.

As an aside.much thanks to everyone who posts pics while riding, becuase I think it sucks. You totally screw up any rythm you have on the trail and taking out the camera and putting it back all the time is a pita.

So much thanks to those who post pics. Its great to see everyones rides.

never 09-02-06 11:12 PM

Looks like fun riding Curt.

I've been riding lately but barely taking any pictures...and I'm getting lazy, much more lift assisted riding!

A few weekends ago at Calgary Olympic Park...more riding than just wall rides as the pictures would lead you to believe.

never 09-02-06 11:17 PM

Three weekends ago I was part of a team in the 24 Hours of Adrenalin in Canmore. We finished 6th out of 39 teams...I did the last lap made up 9 minutes on the team ahead of us to go from 7th to was good times.

The first leg was a short run then ride which I volunteered to waiting to get the race underway:

Two dawgs:

Night shot from our campsite:

Starting the last lap:

Bringing it home with the fastest lap for our team:

The team post-race:

never 09-02-06 11:20 PM

Last weekend was out in Fernie doing some lift assisted riding at the resort on Saturday and did the sweet trails around town on Sunday (no pics from Sunday and hardly anything from Saturday).

N2bikeN 09-04-06 08:57 PM

Nice pic racing can really be a great motivator.

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