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harov3 01-04-06 08:14 PM

Rode John Forrest nat park today, turned right off the rail trail this time and headed out to Glen Forrest dam. My climbing still sucks but I can see improvement, this time I made up a few hills that last week I couldnt have, still had to leg the last section after the dam. Dumped it twice coming back down in some washaways, more bailouts really, when things get ugly fast! Then just cap it I was heading back to the car when I passed some hikers and saw an interesting trail to the right, went for it and threw myself over the bars somehow, still dont know how, landed right in front of said hikers of course. The payoff was the trail, it really was interesting, technical and fast, finshing about 1/2 a k from the car.

MudSplattered 01-05-06 11:00 PM

My son and I went up to Hatcher's Pass, he snowboarded, I rode. Snow is nicely groomed and packed for the xc-skiers, they didn't mind sharing the trail with me as it is about 10 feet wide. Got stopped A LOT by people who were interested in my bike and how well it handled the snow. I have Nokian studded tires, they are just amazing. Quite a few people were suprised to be passed up by a bike, just not expecting to see one out there in the mountain in the middle of winter. Riding up was pretty tough, coming down was soo much fun, but fairly slow so as not to lose control, it is snow after all. Son found that snowboarding is tougher than he thought it would be, but he's catching on quickly.

roccobike 01-08-06 04:49 PM

Went to Hogs Run (Harris Lake) today. Went alone, but ran into freinds in the parking lot. Conditions were very good, temperature around 56F, trail mostly fast some mud, leaves no longer cover the track. Dumped it twice, just plain misjudged the speed I needed to clear two obsticles. I lost track of time BS'ing with my freinds. But I'm guessing my trail time was about 45 mins. Overall, good to get out and get some ride time in winter.

EJ123 01-08-06 08:19 PM

Just got bike from a 5 mile night bike ride. Temps around 59 with a chilly breze. Best part was going down the forest trail where its all dark:). oh, I went over some cardboard but I thought it was wood.

atroobloo 01-10-06 05:01 PM

Got to get out finally Sunday for an hour ride on some unnamed service roads in the area. We've had so much wind and rain our main bike trail is totally unpassable with downed trees. Next decent day we get I'm going to try an join the trail from a different path.

koine2002 01-13-06 08:04 AM

Well, yesterday, took my riding buddy and office mate out riding for the last time all afternoon yesterday--he's moving away. We went out to the Clear Bay trail near Norman. It was our first time out there. It was a long yet satisfying ride. All singletrack ranging from fast and open, to tight switchbacks, to steep drops/climbs, jumping successions, a playground and some wood. A lot more diverse and more of a workout than NuDraper. We were exhausted and walked up the sandy switchback climbs toward the end. Other than that, a very enjoyable ride. I'll be going out there myself at least once every 2 weeks (it's a good 40 miles).

frostbite 01-13-06 07:40 PM

I went for a quick 1 hour ride today. Mainly just a skills session, with some short singletrack and a few small jumps etc. I decided to work on bunnyhopping. Was going well till I decided to try go as high as I can. My foot slipped off my DMR V8 pedal when I landed and my unprotected shin now has a nice gash in it.
But the bunny hop was probably my highest yet.

[bEn] 01-15-06 05:28 AM

Location: Mt Dandenong, Outer Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Trail - Off Liverpool Road, Fire Access road.
Ride time - 1 hour 25 mins
Distance (km) - Total: 27.55km
Weather - Mild to warm, mostly sunny.
Ride Partners - Friend from school
Trail conditions - On the way up it is extremly tough with impossible hills to climb and the way down is extremely technical with sharp turns and little ditch jumps which cause you to go over your handlebars.
Trail descriptions - At the start its all up hill for around 5-6 km, then just fast and downhill.
Summary - This is a very hard course when coming up the hill. I could have taken some shots of what the actual hills looked like, but sorry, no shots.

As i said before, the first part of it is just uphill for around 6km and your average speed would be 5km/h and you would be in your lowest possbile gear. When we finally reached the top after having 3 breaks getting up the hill, we had another break and finally went downhill. Once you started you couldn't stop. If you didn't have brakes, you were buggered. As i was saying before when going down there are these little ditch bump things which were probably designed for you to slow down. They are extremely annoying, because the first one i saw i was doing around 45km/h and i almost went over the bars. I was very lucky, but i knew that there were going to be more so i looked out for them. My top speed going down was 55.7km/h but if the corners wern't as sharp and if there wern't any people walking on the track as well as those annoying ditches i probably could have reached around 60-65 km/h. I totally felt like i was doing 70km/h, but it didn't end up being like that. This track probably isn't designed for an XC hardtail but it was a hell lot of fun. A full suspension would probably suit the track, but not going up. Woah i didn't relised i wrote so much.

atroobloo 01-15-06 01:20 PM

The weather has let up enough these last two days to allow some decent riding. Logged around 17 miles yesterday mostly on logging roads. The beginning of the ride started out pretty sad when I saw they logged the little bit of single track that connected the service road to the main road. Pushed it out of my head, it wasnt the best singletrack anyway.. Got up to Ho Chi Minh trail after several stops (I'm so out of shape) and they logged that too. :/ Pretty sad ride all around.

TwinCam 01-17-06 10:48 PM

Today went out for about two hours on Shell Ridge (foothills of Mt Diablo, CA) and the trail looked dry enough untill I got to the back half of the loop. Instead of turing back I just kept on. The mud got worse and worse, but was rideable the whole way. I've been riding for the last few days so instead of making a loop I got off at another trailhead and went back thru the city of Walnut Creek (shopping mecca). You'd think these people have never seen mud before. Sheesh. I was covered head to toe. Good thing I have a big hose.

scottmorrison99 01-21-06 05:45 PM

Rode out 6 miles to a nice set of hills to ride up and bomb down. Thepark was almost empty due to the mud. Rearend was washing out on the surface as I was climbing due to a soupy coating over the clay hardpack. When I got to the downhill part of the trail it was a stream flowing downhill. Had an audience of discgolfers stop to watch, thinking I would crash. Ran 27MPH down the 35 degree downgrade, catching air where the trail was gone. I stopped at the bottom to rest due to adrenaline overload. wheeee!!!! Not bad for an old guy on a hardtail.

mtnbiker66 01-21-06 06:15 PM

We had the T.M.C.S bike club out for a good ride today in Dupont St Forest. We had a group of about 20 kids and rode 14 miles on some good terrain. Trails included Burnt Mtn,Big Rock and Sheep Mtn. Specialized/Cane Creek Pro Chris Herndon came out and rode with the kids giving some great advice to some struggling riders.Chris did some crazy fast runs on some nasty trails and the kids loved it. We had a few crashes,a little blood and really great time. Hambone 40,Girlscout 13, and I hit the Mexican food after the ride.Here are a few pics.
Chris giving some tips

The kids on some good single track

Chris giving a lesson on how to build a jump from the natural features of the land.

A bunch of tired and happy kids at the end of a good ride.Nice helmet hair girlscout13.
This is known as the Pop Tart ride. Hambone knows the meaning.

Dannihilator 01-21-06 07:03 PM


Will post my report tomorrow, it will be covering 4 days of riding.

zx108 01-21-06 08:28 PM

i had an interesting ride today. i had a function to go to at 7:00, i got home at 4:30. right when i got back i changed, tossed the bike in and got to the trails at around 5:00. anyone in nj will know that we were supposed to get some rain today. i wanted to beat the rain and i wanted to get some riding in before the sun went down. to my suprise i got out there, the clouds came over and it got dark REALLY fast. i picked a short loop from the start so i was okay. my first ride in a long time, and it was a bust. i was out for about a half hour.

going back out tommorow, 50-60 degree weather in january. gotta love global warming:)

wildjim 01-22-06 07:15 PM

Hashawha - The Bear Path

TwinCam 01-25-06 01:27 PM

Went up to Briones and Open space yesterday. Patches where still muddy but most of the firetrails were ideal.

Anyhow what makes it worth mentioning is that since I've last been up there (1 week), I've made a few changes to my bike.

-Replaced flat bar/bar end coombo with wide riser.
-Fiddled with saddle and bar position to accommodate this change.
-Same with tire pressures.
-And same with fork.

I knew I shouldn't be making so many changes at once. It's a good way to make the bike feel unfamiliar and make it hard to spot why there where any improvements or degradations in performance.

But I guess Allah was smiling down on me because everything worked out awesome. I'm not a natural descender... so what happened yesterday was a revelation. I was positivly FLYING downhill thanks to these little changes. Of course, I don't know if I was really going all that fast, but for me it was fast! The only way I'll know is to test against my buddy who's a fast and consistant descender.

There's been only a tiny dent in the bike's climbing performance, thanks to a more linear fork tuning that let's the front end sink when I get up on the bar. The lack of bar ends does make the climbing a little less comfortable, tho.

roccobike 01-28-06 07:56 PM

Went to Harris Lake again today. Temperatures were an ideal 62 F (in winter). The trail surface was fast with a few exceptions. Several mud spots with two wet spots. I adjusted the shock to stiff to keep the front wheel from grabbing in the wet, mud sections. Roots are begining to be a problem. Talked with two other Rockhopper riders, they had the same problem. Roots are moving the tails on these bikes 3 to 6 inches sideways on fast, technical sections that have trees on each side of the narrow, single track...not good. And the leaf gremlins were at work pushing leaves over two sections of the trail. But it was a fun ride with no problems with the bike.

never 01-30-06 04:45 PM

Haven't posted any of my rides in here lately but I may as well do this one.

1) trail - 12 Mile Coulee trail to Bowmont Park and Sideshow Bob and back to 12 Mile Coulee trail
2) ride time - about 3 hours
3) distance - I don't know....probably around 30km...I did a few extra loops so it could be close to 40km.
4) weather - was a partly cloudy 7C, winds from the west at 13km/h
5) trail conditions - mostly dry, hardpack, the occasional section has some nice slick ice (I wish it would either snow or get warmer so we can get ride of the damn ice!), there are a couple of loose sections in Bowmont
6) summary - this was the first time that I rode Sideshow Bob with the Coiler. The trail runs along the edge of a fairly steep cliff. The trail winds and rolls quite a bit. The flat, twisty portion along the river was fairly icy in some sections which made for slow going...the higher portions along the river were nice and dry and made for some fast riding. There was one section where multiple logs were crossing the path but someone had cut them up and moved them out of the way...bastards! Overall, I had a lot of fun and my dog was filthy because I let him swim in the river (so you have to add 1/2 hour to cleanup at then end of the ride!). I have the rest of the week off so I think I am going to combine this ride and go further to the Edworthy Park trails. I 'm not sure how good some of the trails will be there because its slopes are north facing and may be fairly icy but I will report back. And I'll remember to bring my camera!

koine2002 02-02-06 07:17 AM

Another good ride out at NuDraper yesterday. I've been on the road bike for a while for conditioning, but my beloved KHS was feeling neglected so I took her to NuDraper for a late afternoon (4:30ish) trail ride. It was good and I could feel the effects of my conditioning. I rode faster than ever and was handling the "tough" stuff (after Clearbay, I have a hard time referring to that stuff at tough) quite well. I did all of yellow and about 1/2 of green for about 8 miles. I would have done more, but dusk was approaching. I can't wait for the switch from standard to daylight time.

never 02-07-06 11:38 PM

Ride on Saturday, Feb 04, 2006...I was on my Coiler and my friend David was on his Explosif (needless to say he killed me on the climbs but was nowhere near me on the descents)

1) trail - 12 Mile Coulee trail to Bowmont Park and Sideshow Bob to Edworthy Park trails, and back through Sideshow Bob/Bowmont Park and 12 Mile Coulee trail
2) ride time - about 3.5 hours
3) distance - approx 40km
4) weather - was cooler in the morning with the sun coming out got much warmer as the day went on
5) trail conditions - mostly dry, hardpack, the occasional section has some nice slick ice, there are a couple of loose sections in Bowmont, some icy sections in Edworthy but the downhills had lots of nice snow cover (good traction)
6) summary - I went out with a riding buddy and we went pretty hardcore. We always push each other as much as we possibly can while riding, and this day was no exception...needless to say we were a bit tired at the end of the ride. Bowmont/Sideshow Bob was fast and flowy, and Edworthy was fun on the downhills. On one of the steeper downhill sections in Edworthy, I caught a snow covered root and went down pretty hard, my quad landed squre on a sharp, exposed rock...that hurt. And earlier we were exploring a trail we hadn't ever been along before. We went past one narrow section that had trees with a drop to the river on one side and a chainlink fence on the other. Well I keep on forgetting that the Coiler bars are substantially wider than my Rockhopper/Major Jake/Peugeot bars and my bar caught the fence. I didn't want to go in the river so I grabbed for the fence and in the process, tore my finger open. Just put some snow on it to slow the blood and bandaged it up and kept on our way. I brought the camera but we didn't think to take one picture...the ride was just too much fun!

never 02-07-06 11:49 PM

Ride on Sunday, Feb 05, 2006...I was on my Coiler and my wife was on her Dawg.

1) trail - Moose Lake Loop (part of Tom Snow Trail) in K-country...just wanted to go for a nice mellow ride with the wife and dog
2) ride time - about 1 hour
3) distance - 11 km
4) weather - sunny early on and got cooler at the ride progressed...was around 0C. Some flakes of snow on the way back home.
5) trail conditions - the trail is rolling singletrack through grass and shrubs (which was clear with icy sections), some fireroads (packed snow), some sections were along a recent pipeline right-of-way (crappy frozen mud), and the last section of the loop is doubletrack/fireroad with loose gravel and almost all downhill...only problem was it was almost all snow over ice which was slippery and kept the speeds down.
6) summary - the wife and I wanted to go out for a nice relaxing ride...we weren't sure what trail conditions were going to be like but they weren't too bad. In the summer, this trail is pretty fast (as long as it is dry) and is a great finish or start to other trails in the area.

jaebyrd 02-19-06 12:34 PM

Finally back on the trail after a couple long months at work...well thats my story anyway.

Trail : 100 Trail in North phoenix
Ride time about an hour
Not sure on distance, but shorter than normal.
weather is georgous, 60s clear and sunny
trails are rocky and dirt, still dry with no rain in 4 months.
last year the hills were so green, i thought we were still in california.
the ride was going fine for my first time on in months, then there is a quick sandy hill that i had down pat...well it got the best of me today and a tweaked my knee, but i dont think it will be too bad. I did cut it short today though.

mtnbiker66 02-25-06 03:55 PM

Trails- Caney Botton/Longbranch/Buttergap.
Cloudy and 45 deg.F
There was me,Girlscout13,and some other guys.We rode about 18 miles and had a great time. One guy that I had never met was cocky and strange but he wound up riding by himself most of the time. Over all it was a good ride . I needed a good slow paced ride to get some time on the bike. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting over the crud.

cryptid01 02-25-06 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by mtnbiker66
One guy that I had never met was cocky and strange but he wound up riding by himself most of the time.

You don't say.


mtnbiker66 02-26-06 03:16 PM

I rode DuPont today.
Weather-sunny 40 F
Trails- Mine Mtn,Larel Ridge,Air Strip.
I was riding by myself and ran into the guy that got me into mtnbiking. He got me started back about '90. He had to move aboutb 5 yrs ago for his job and now he's back. We had a blast catching up and riding. We rode Dupont back in the day when it was private. I even got a few pics today.
My old buddy Chuck on Mine Mtn( Gastro loves this trail)
Bridal Veil Falls

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