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Pheard 05-05-06 12:00 PM

Yesterday's ride. Took a few pics, the trail has had tons of land slides and some of them people had to dig paths through them.

KonaBrad 05-11-06 10:32 PM

I took a ride today and fell off in the middle of the street. I just switched my bike to clipless and am not used to it.

chris1020 05-14-06 01:15 AM


Originally Posted by KonaBrad
I took a ride today and fell off in the middle of the street. I just switched my bike to clipless and am not used to it.

We all been there. Stick with it, soon you will be unclipping like a pro.

ed 05-17-06 08:44 AM

I lead rides on Tuesday and Friday at our local trails here in Topeka KS. We have a small group (usually between 4-8 people) with varying skill levels, but we try to keep the group together in a group as best we can. Yesterday...(grumpy)...a new guy came out with us. He used to run X-country and he appears to be in good shape, but you just never know eh?

This guy hasn't been on a bike since grade school. We just barely got to the trail head and he hit a tree at the mouth of the trail and went down. He complained about his "heart jumping out of his chest" and his crotch hurting from the 1-hour ride. We covered very little ground and I worked on my trials skills more than ever. (which was fun in itself)

I guess it just goes to show that I should screen riders with a little 1-on-1 pre-ride before they start to ride with the group.

So I got up early this morning before work and put in a good hard 30-45 minutes at the trail before work. I feel better now.

mtnbiker66 05-21-06 06:49 AM

Got out on Sat. with Gastro,Wheeliemert and their friends. Rode a big loop in Dupont.Ripped the side out of a couple of tires had 3 flats and lost one guy for a little while. Good times for sure. Riding Pisgah with them today then hittingb the skatepark and the BMX track.

Dannihilator 05-21-06 09:49 AM

So who was it that got lost?

mtnbiker66 05-21-06 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by KonaRider24
So who was it that got lost?

A guy that came with them.:D We had a great ride today only 1 flat(Gastro). I crashed 2 times, the last one was avoiding Gastro when he was face down in a mud hole. That put me face down in a mud hole.:roflmao: It was a good time fer sure.Me and girlscout went to the local skate park and I wound up running the clock for a freeride comp. Fun stuff,lots of great tricks and good riding. The only pic I got from the weekend was of girlscout wheeling a Banshee in the parking lot.:(

cryptid01 05-21-06 07:56 PM

Yep, great times as usual. Thanks again 66 - sorry about the mud thing. :D

never 05-21-06 10:00 PM

Went for a ride on Saturday to one of the great trails out in Banff. The Minnewanka Trail is an out and back that can be as far as you want...we did over 17 km one way for a total of about 35km. It's a great technical trail...some people say it's easy but if they say that, they are not riding it fast enough. It's great at speed...really rocky and rooty twisty singletrack.

We turned around at 17km because rain was threatening all day and it started right before we turned. It made the ride back exciting because all of the rocks and roots got slippery.

I snapped a few pics but they were always at the more mellow sections (where you don't mind stopping), or at the turnaround point. Because who is going to stop on a fast/fun section just to take pics! On the way back, we ran into another local with his buddy so we figured we should get a group photo.

benc 05-22-06 12:14 PM

Got out this afternoon at a little used trail near where I live. About halfway through a 5 mile loop...i run through a friggin cow pie. I didn't even know there were cows anywhere near there. Anyway, after finding a creek to wash my tires off, I was back on my way.

zx108 05-23-06 05:39 PM

i had a pretty sick ride today. went to allaire state park for the first time. very tight singletrack with alot of turns, switchbacks at parts. not what i was used to. i went up there with two guys i recently met up with and are starting a club/team. i bit it once up a very steep, rooty climb but that was about it. we were out there riding for a little less that 2 hours

cryptid01 05-23-06 06:17 PM

great post never. :)

Doug4sail 05-24-06 03:41 AM

Got to Ride New Mexico near The Pino Trail. Good fun Lots of up and downs no real drops. Back in Hawaii
Just did a night time cane field ride. Being on a volcano you can expect a big climb and then its all down hill from there. Very dark no moon lots of shooting stars. I think my lights need new batteries I needed to unclip because of a unforseen rut. You kind of feel your way at night.

Maelstrom 05-24-06 09:56 PM

I can't believe it. A group ride really gets me pumped. Rode with 6 other people all varrying degrees of ability. A raw beginner, 2 newbs but no fear (happens a lot here) and a couple of good all rounders. Did the typical xc trail in town called chris markell trail system. Enough uphill to get the blood pumping and enough rewards placed nicely for make it worth while. I rarely get pumped for this ride and usually only enjoy 2 or three sections but this time, excluding the first 5 or 10minutes, I was riding well, had energy and strength going up and wasn't burning out like I usually do. A couple of the new guys had amazing energy and endurance and really helped pushed me on the uphills. Showing them how to carve lines, not brake and lean the bike to turn was my reward. Getting them to ride the downhills faster and cleaner felt good.

I was really impressed and am finding over time riding with a group is pushing me much better than riding individually or even in pairs. This past 3 weeks of riding has been amongst the most fun riding off the mountain than I have had in ages. Wohoo

MattP. 05-24-06 10:55 PM

Awesome reports guys! Hey Nofear, where along the coast is that? Need to find some places to ride this summer :)
Well, last week, I was talking to a guy from my Biology table who races DH and he told me about a local trail. I was pretty stoked so that day I rode there any only found the jumps. Then a few days later (after I got my lisence!) I drove there con mi bicicleta and found the actual trail! It's about 3/4 a mile long, all down hill and is pretty awesome! May not be the best trail, but its only like 4 miles away and there is some decent technical stepdowns and what not. Here's some pics I took
A decent tabletop:
The very beginning:

crtreedude 05-25-06 04:35 AM

I am riding pretty much everyday for about 6 kilometers now on rocky roads (river rock dumped on a graded road and called done!) Imagine riding baby heads (is that still a term?) and you get the idea. They are smaller, but it is rough. The hills here in Costa Rica are very steep. This is very young land.

That is okay, get up on the pegs and rip - works fine. Also, being Costa Rica where road repair is an unknown art - even the paved sections have holes (they are too big to be a pothole), the paved sections seem to go completely away rather quickly too except for the main roads. Most roads are either dirt or river rock - miles and miles of them.

Yesterday I was heading back across a section I know well, I was bombing down the road to the bridge and on the otherside of the bridge is a washout, the pavement is gone. So, I hopped it and kept up speed to a very steep rise of about 70 feet. Just hammered up the rise - felt very good.

I am just getting back into regular cycling, and it is great to feel the old skills coming back fast. What was really great was the look on the cyclist that I passed like he was standing still. He slowed down for the washout - I passed him about 6 inches in the air and kept going. ;)

Since my hair is nearly completely white, it was a bit of a shock I suspect. :)

Here is a picture of a fairly typical road. Oh, that is Arenal Volcano - and yes, that is ash and lava on one side - I said it was young land didn't I? :)

never 05-25-06 08:12 AM


Originally Posted by gastro
great post never. :)

Hey, thanks gastro...I always have grand plans of taking a bunch of pictures but as you can see above, over a 2+ hour ride, that's all the pictures I took!

A group of four of us is heading out tonight...either to the mountains or just in the city. Hopefully with more people riding I'll be able to get some more photos.

Pheard 05-25-06 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by MattP.
Awesome reports guys! Hey Nofear, where along the coast is that? Need to find some places to ride this summer :)

Thats montara mountain. Its starts out out as a bumpy fireroad. 2000 elevation climb to the top, there are sub trails that are more rocky. There is a trail with some drops and such aswell. Alot of uphill, then about 25 minutes of downhill.

mtnbiker66 05-28-06 02:14 PM

We got out for a little ride in Dupon today. There were about a million people there to see the waterfalls. We did get some riding in. I snaged a few pics.

Girlscout at the old airstrip hanger.....

Girlscout on a log ride....

Me on Gastro's favorite trail,Mine Mtn....

Girlscout on Pine tree trail.....

Me on Pine tree, good day of riding....
Now nof3ar can see me.

Pheard 05-28-06 02:51 PM

Is that toothpick you 66? dang!! lol

EJ123 05-28-06 02:57 PM

I saw a scorpian on the sidewalk today.

hanshananigan 05-29-06 02:31 PM

Great pics! That Girlscout is impressive.

On Saturday, I had my first endo in years! Rather, it was a slow leapfrog over my handlebars, tumbling onto a rock pile...

Meant to turn onto the BUMP trail at Blood Rock (Oak Mtn StPk) but took a turn too soon and ended up on a hiking trail. It was only my third time in that spot, so didn't recognize that I was in the wrong place until I endo'ed and bent my rear derailleur! It was a long walk back up the hill...

Pheard 05-31-06 04:23 PM

Had no car so decided to ride to the trail. Also, I'm really mad because I think I may have lost my bike computer so I have 30+ miles not logged. Went to the top of sharp park road, I went through the apartments to a small trail that goes down milagra ridge. I noticed at least 2-3 signs that say no bikes. But I don't remember them being there before, I figured it wasn't a big deal since it was horribly foggy and in the middle of a work day and no one was walking on them anyways. Got to the bottom, and proceeded to follow the coast to the back of linda mar in pacifica to hit montara mountain. By that time I'd rode roughly 10 miles. I was already fairly exhausted before I even started going up the mountain. I went about 15 minutes up and went off one of the side trails to find that people built sort of a little downhill jumping run. Tons of little jumps, and little 90 degree turns that you can hit with speed because the edge is sort of like a lip(not sure what they are called) after trying to do some small jumps, and almost falling multiple times I decided to go up to the crossroads. I went up, came back down and hitched a ride with my mother getting off work home. Whoo, I'm tired.

mtnbiker66 05-31-06 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by NoF3ar
Tons of little jumps, and little 90 degree turns that you can hit with speed because the edge is sort of like a lip(not sure what they are called) .

That would be a berm.....;)

Pheard 05-31-06 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by mtnbiker66
That would be a berm.....;)

It was cool, but almost made me eat dirt. I don't know if my lack of jumping ability is my bike, or me, or a combination of both. But I feel every bump leading up to a jump and after it, which makes it hard to maintain enough speed.

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