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Dannihilator 11-26-05 09:12 AM

Daily ride reports
Well, let's hear them.

Agent B 11-26-05 11:31 AM

Today I pushed my bike outside so that the house could be vacumned and then I went to the shooting range for the day. Oh I had to push it back inside when I got home.

rasheed 11-26-05 04:22 PM

1) trail - don valley
2) ride time - roughly 2 hours.
3) miles - no clue.
4) light snow, below 0C (not sure how cold it got)
5) trail conditions - covered in snow.
6) summary - being my first winter trail ride ever, i had a blast. a bit slower pace than i'm used to on the trails we hit, but that's expected considering there was a nice layer of snow covering the trail. tires held up pretty well, but wanted to wash out here and there but didn't have any disasterous wipe outs. tried to hit up a couple of the stunts... won't be trying that again without studded tires hah.

edit: pictures added. shots courtesy of skidvicious from dropmachine.

Dannihilator 11-26-05 05:30 PM

Ok, here's mine for today.

1)Echo Hill and Round Valley
2)3 hours
3)No track.
4)Clear and Bitterly Cold
5) Frozen
6)Took the bike for some downhill today, overall very satisfied with the ride.

MadMan2k 11-26-05 07:51 PM

Trail: Alien Run outside of Aztec, NM
Ride time: 2 hours
Miles: 17 (and 3 miles of dirt roads each way to get there)
Weather: Cold, overcast - snowed a few flakes on me as I was riding it
Trail conditions: Hard, rutted, sandy in places, a lot of exposed roots

Overall, it was a fun ride. Left at about 3:30 but I misjudged the time it would take so I got home about 5:30, so it was dark. I didn't have much energy but I did alright - didn't go as fast as I might have on some days. It was pretty cold, I started out with my jacket on but took it off and wrapped it around the bars, then put it back on.
I had my mp3 player with me, and listened to all of 'Megadeth - Greatest Hits', and most of 'Experience Hendrix'.
On the ride I discovered a different loop through some really technical sandstone, I rode part of it but I wasn't able to ride some of the climbing parts.

never 11-26-05 09:26 PM

1) trail - singletrack by my house (12 Mile Coulee)
2) ride time - about 1 hour, had to cut it off early, my dog was getting tired
3) distance - around 15km
4) weather - strong NW wind, 1C
5) trail conditions - mostly dry, hardpack, some leaf cover, I avoided some sections of the trail along the creek because they were still pretty muddy
6) summary - went out for my usual ride but I have been looking for more trail variations lately to mix it up. I eyed a trail halfway up the valley wall while walking with my wife and dog yesterday, so I made my way to it today. It wasn't as good as it was across the valley wall along a very steep portion, off-camber and very loose packed dirt (I don't think it had been used in a very long time). Parts of the trail were missing due to slumping. It was workable but very slow going. The rest of the ride was great, did some quick, steep climbs and a couple of new descents. Overall was an enjoyable ride.

blue_neon 11-26-05 10:25 PM

Just a question with this thread, why do you delete all the posts every second day? It seems a bit pointless to me, this would be a really good way to keep a log on the forums of all your rides and check up on them and other peoples in the futur, but if the posts keep on getting deleted then I find it a bit pointless.

Also the timezones will all be different, your 'Sunday' is usually my Monday so I have to work by New Jersey's time zone.

A suggestion, change the title of this thread to "Daily ride reports", dont delete the posts and just let people type in there ride details after any rides they go for. I like the idea of a thread like this, but changing the date and delting posts every 2nd day is stupid.

(No ride for me today)

zx108 11-26-05 10:26 PM

why dont you just change the name of the thread every time, as you would delete it.

no ride for me either.

Drunken Chicken 11-27-05 04:42 AM

1) trail - My bed
2) ride time - 20h (spent most of the day in it)
3) miles - 1
4) cold
5) trail conditions - Nice and cosy under the blanket
6) summary - Injured tailbone, had to rest in bed all day, didn't get out to ride, I'm in a bad mood and in pain now.

LowCel 11-27-05 06:42 AM

1) trail - up Middle Ridge road, down Polecat, up Middle Ridge road, down Teaberry
2) ride time - 1:20 (short ride, was scheduled for 1:30)
3) distance - 9 miles
4) weather - 45 degrees and beautiful
5) trail conditions - Leaf covered and a few mud spots
6) summary - Was scheduled for a short 1.5 hour ride, just supposed to get out and have a little fun and work on technical skills. I ended up running into three newbies while I was out there. Thought I would show them around a little. One of them told me that he wanted me to take him to the toughest trail out there. I hate to stereo type but I really didn't think he was worth it. He didn't exactly look like what I would consider an advanced rider. He was on an entry level Trek with a rear rack, had all of the reflectors. I know that shouldn't really say much, but he also had a kickstand with a golf ball glued to it so that he could stand his bike up in the mud.

Anyway, we started up the fire road, it is probably about 1 1/4 miles to the top, about 650 feet climbing. Within a 1/4 mile they were stopping and wanting to know how much further. I ended up hanging around for about 20 minutes and we were about half way up. Keep in mind this entire climb normally takes me 10 - 12 minutes. At that point they asked for directions for a quicker ride. I gave them directions and was on my way.

I hate to say it but I kind of wish I would have hung out, would have loved to see how they did on the more technical trails. I ended up going down polecat, a nice steep single track, leaves were pretty thick so had to take my time and keep my eyes open. I then went back up Middle Ridge and down Teaberry. I expected to see the other riders, wanted to make sure they were getting down the hill alright. I never did run into them so I guess they elected to take an easier trail I had told them about.

rasheed 11-27-05 07:15 AM

he doesn't delete it. he just unsticks it, and starts a new thread. the other thread is down below somewhere.

mtnbiker66 11-27-05 05:17 PM

Good ride today- Dupont.
Trail-Mine Mtn/Reasonover trail
Ride time-2hrs
Miles-about 15
weather-Cloudy/misty and 45
We had 8 folks show up for the Sycamore Cycles group ride today. It was kinda cold and damp but we had fun just the same.I lost the front end in the leaves and plowed it up pretty good. Here's a couple of pics.
24hrs of Pisgah champ Wes D leading the pack up Mine Mtn

I got Mini Me away from the B-Ball and out in the woods for a ride today. He did pretty good for not riding much latey.

Dannihilator 11-27-05 08:19 PM

Like the idea of daily ride reports, easier for me as well.

1)Echo Hill
2)2 hours
3)Not many miles, was just playing around today.
4)Warmer than the past few days.
5)Actually dry with patches of mud..
6) Spent the day just sessioning the natural features and the few man made features echo hill has to offer. Hit the drop/huck that I eyed yesterday, landed it, just a bit on the short side, had a bunch of momentum going and did a small creek jump. Worked my way back up the hill and took to a deer trail that was converted to single track a few months ago. At the end of the trail it ends with a small steep roller. About to go down it, the rear washes out on a patch of wet leaves. On the tumble down I smacked my right foot pretty hard against a small sappling. Foot hurts when I step a certain way right now, makes it an experience getting up and down stairs right now. Got back to the bike did a bit more riding when it got too dark to carry on.

mtnbiker66 11-27-05 09:20 PM

:D Post a pic of you foot, I can tell you what the problem is. I'm a doctor, among other things.

Dannihilator 11-27-05 09:26 PM

Let's just say I now have a bump about the size of a quarter at the bottom edge of the inside of my right foot, in the area of the arch.

never 11-27-05 10:05 PM

I rode the same trail again today so my report may be boring but everything was covered in fresh snow so the ride wasn't.

1) trail - singletrack by my house (12 Mile Coulee)
2) ride time - about 1 hour and 30 minutes
3) distance - around 17km
4) weather - moderate NW wind, -4C, sunny with increasing cloud
5) trail conditions - all snow covered, fresh snow, barely any use prior to me, previously muddy sections were frozen
6) summary - stayed along the creek for this ride, had a lot of fun with the fresh snow, most of the crossings were frozen but some had thick ice on the edges and open water in the middle...that made things a little more interesting. The short, steep climbs when crossing the creek were tough in a few spots, it reinforced the fact that I need to pick up some studded tires, especially when the snow gets more packed/hardened from foot/bike traffic use.

Dannihilator 11-28-05 07:43 PM

Changed the title.

1)Round Valley
2)3 hours
3)30 miles
4)Partly Cloudy and 62 degrees F.
6) Great ride today, foot still hurts, but not as much. I think I finally got over the mental effect that Round Valley gave me when I had my crash back in September. Was really over cautious there the last few times before today. Just killed it today, well until right at the end where I broke the right pedal.

zx108 11-29-05 03:53 PM

i went to hartshorne.
around 1 1/2 hours
cool, cloudy with a nice breeze
trails were covered with leaves from the wind.

after i got back from track. i changed, spent a little time resting/lubing the bike. then went out and just had a joy ride. only did one trail today. and i messed around on some dh and climbs for a little.

trekkie820 12-02-05 12:21 PM

Took the new (to me) chopper for a ride to class. I then rode home. It is cold as a pimps heart. The gripless bars were icy.

jimmythefly 12-03-05 01:11 AM

Rode Tapeworm/DNA. Wet, cold, slippery and snowy. And of course quite twisty.

Drunken Chicken 12-03-05 06:33 AM

1) trail - Several (Short singletrack with LOTS of rocks and roots, often very steep)
2) ride time - About 2:30
3) distance - around 15km? 18?
4) weather - 12 degrees C
5) trail conditions - dry, like usual, even though it rained heavily yesterday
6) summary - Me and a friend went up to the Collserola mountains, came down the usual trail combo and then did one of the trails again. I sucked at climbing today, my tailbone still hurts but with my new FF I was given a lot of confidence and increased my speed by quite a bit. Found a small wooden jump at the end of the trail, did it a few times, then this XC rider was looking at us with the sort of "If you don't stop I'll call the cops on you". Anyway, we left and went down the DJ trail (we call it the dirtjump trail cause there are some small dirtjumps, can't imagine hitting them though, they suck).

Great ride, a bit too windy at times though.
661 rocks. ;)

I'm so stoked to go to tomorrow's ride, about 20 riders are getting together here to go on a large ride on one of the longest trails around here.

mtnbiker66 12-03-05 03:36 PM

Rode Dupont today,
Trails-Burnt Mtn /Ceader Rock
Time 1.5 hrs
Weather Cold-38 and rain
It was a great ride even though the weather was bad. I rode with my son,his friend,hambone40 and and friend named Pike.It was a good crew to ride with we all had a blast here are some pics
Me leading hambone 40down the upper part of burnt mtn.

hambone40 breaking in the new bike

One of our bike club kids wigs out on this tech section of Burnt Mtn. He's only been riding about 2 months but he'll be a good rider.

This is me on that section.Its a steep series of drops with a sharp turn in and out of them that you can't see on the pic. Gastro loved this part when he rode it back in the summer with me.

After we went and hit a great mexican place for some grub.

Dannihilator 12-03-05 04:10 PM

Ok, I need to get out to Dupont someday.

Rode street for 2 hours.

mtnbiker66 12-03-05 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by KonaRider24
Ok, I need to get out to Dupont someday.

We're planning another camping trip for next year.We may do 3 or 4 days so there is your chance. :)

cryptid01 12-03-05 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by KonaRider24
Ok, I need to get out to Dupont someday.

Seriously, that place rocks. Spring Forum Ride will be great - actually, make that LATE spring - I need a little time to get in shape for real mountains.

Today I rode about twelve miles, half of them singletrack, from my house to Owls Roost trail and back. Moderately chilly in the beginning, sleeting on the way in. Tomorrow I go to check the new dj's at Country Park. Or snowboarding. I haven't decided.

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