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leonardotmnt 02-19-06 11:48 AM

Jersey fit
This is probably a dumb question but how tight is a jersey supposed to fit exactly? I tried on a medium Bellwether Assault jersey and it was fairly loose, about as much as a regular shirt. Is this ok or should a jersey be a pretty tight fit?

JIB 02-19-06 11:59 AM

Jersey fit is a purely personal matter. If it's comfortable to you, then it fits right. I like mine to be kind of loose like a regular t-shirt. Someone else might like theirs to fit tight. Who's right? They both are. Just go with what works for you.

leonardotmnt 02-19-06 01:36 PM

Thanks for the input. I thought that may have been it but I didn't know if there was a thought for whether having a tight jersey is better or better able to wick away sweat or something. Just curious but how many jerseys do people have around here? Do you have a lot of just one or two you use?

Baldy88 02-19-06 01:42 PM

I like mine to be tight for road riding so the sides don't flap in the wind. When I am trail riding I prefer a loose fitting jersey or a polyester workout shirt.

I have 3 slong sleeve jerseys, 6 or 7 short sleeve jerseys and 5 pair of spandex shorts.

I wear what feels good. It's all a personal preference and has no bearing on how well you can ride your bike. Just enjoy doing it your way.

LowCel 02-19-06 07:31 PM

I like my jerseys tight for the road and loose for the mountain bike, most of the time. I do like my race jerseys to be somewhat tight though. Primarily because during a race I will carry things in my back pockets and don't like them to bounce around.

mtnbiker66 02-19-06 08:13 PM

I like mine to fit like a cutoff belly shirt.

iamthetas 02-20-06 05:23 PM

there are different cuts from "Euro" or racing fit, to "relaxed" fit. I personally like to get a racing jersey a couple sizes too big and have it loose around the belly yet still tight on the chest and arms. the asault jersey is designed to be a relaxed fit in the sleeves, chest and back, basically like a tshirt.
if you like that fit its the correct one, if not get a smaller size. may online places will give the type of fit. Fox is usually a relaxed fit as well as Bellweather its the ones with all the graphics that are usually, but not always, tight fitting

WannaGetGood 02-20-06 08:44 PM

For me , I would want it somewhat loose, I hate clothing that sucks to me. It all about presonly preference.

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