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Chone 02-21-06 07:02 PM

A bike that fits my needs? I need help.
So I'm shopping for a new bike but I won't get it until early March (my LBS won't carry one of my possible choices till then) but I'm wondering what should I look for (besides comfort) and what bike would fit my needs best?

So well, my needs first, I'm a beginner in MTBing, I've been riding for 2 months now more or less, I do a lot of trailing and XC but I also like to jump (dirt) and drop off walls and stuff (like 30-60 inches in height) so I need a good bike for both uses, I want a light bike but I'm sure at my pricerange they will all be the same so it doesn't matter, I will probably use this bike for a year or so If I really get into the sport (in which point I'll just get a high end bike) or my whole life if I decide to stop MTBing. So far I've found authorized KHS, Giant, Haro, Specialized and Orbea dealers so entry level bikes suggestions (300-500$ US prices) from those companies are welcome but stuff from other companies is welcome as well as I've yet to check a few bike shops in my area.

Okay so my options are, I went to two LBS and I found a Hardrock Sport (not shipping until early March), a Haro V2 and a KHS Alite 500, they are all around the same price (500-600$- please do keep in mind I live in South America and things are more expensive here, those seem to be good prices, they translate to around 300-500 in prices in the USD) I'm leaning towards the Hardrock the most as the Haro seemed cheap but the KHS Alite 500 was very good-looking and seemed nice too so thats an option too. Any other suggestions?

Chone 02-21-06 10:14 PM

bump before I go to sleep.

vw addict 02-22-06 10:18 AM

Hardrock's are great bikes.

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