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jeff williams 02-25-06 02:46 AM

Canada mtb trails resource guide.
Keep the disclaimer box open.

Maelstrom 02-25-06 12:05 PM

Interesting. Shoudl be easier to sift though than mtbreview :)

jeff williams 02-25-06 06:04 PM

Lookup your specific search, then browse. The website has a max request policy to preserve bandwidth. No more for me until tomorrow. :cry:

pinkrobe 02-26-06 11:43 AM

I've seen this site in the past. I know the Calgary/Southern AB area pretty well, and most of the ride descriptions are too vague to be useful. For those of you in other regions, are the descriptions better?

Maelstrom 02-26-06 11:57 AM

I'll bite. I will pick three of the most popular valley trails in Whistler.

River Runs Through it, Kill Me Thrill Me, and comfortably Numb.

Well not one is listed. They only rank the mountain.

jeff williams 02-26-06 04:17 PM

I had to try\follow several links, but some good info was there.
Some additional searching using a browser helped get more info on specific areas.

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