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jeff williams 02-26-06 04:28 AM

Provincial parks in British Columbia Canada and Vancouver Island with a reference to riding on trails and\or mtb's.
The yes list, some restrictions apply. Cool. OMG! Nice. Note. Recreational mtb's. Reference to explore? Advanced mtb riders only! Access to logging roads. Warning, fines for infractions.
[url][url] Trail restrictions. Specific trails. Same. Logging roads. ? Some permitted trails. ? Designated trails. ? One trail. Designated trails. ? XC ski trails. Cycling permitted, no trails. Logging roads. Half the trail. Access roads ? Access road. Are ATV's? Specific trails. Trails not maintained. Old Buck Trailhead. No designated trails. 10 km trails, regulations.

Incomplete, as far as I've got.

Lots of parks the mtb will be o.k.
Be cool, respect.
Some of these places are remote, and some are just pretty far out!
I'm thinking of organizing by region\types of cycling. See if I get around to it. :)
Thanks Joe Gardner = space to work on ^ an idea.

jeff williams 02-26-06 02:40 PM

Note: I had to correct some code. Links work now.

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