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HI photog 06-06-06 11:10 AM

Which bike to get?
I don't know which bike to get. I have been looking at the Kona Shred and the Cannondale Chase 3 The things that have me torn on the Kona is that I can't test ride it. Do you guys think that the chain would come off when I jumped or bunny hop with it? My only problem with the cannondale is that it doesn't have a front brake. Do I really need a front brake? Im gonna be doing everything with this bike such as downhill, jumps, drops and street. The bikes are only about a $10. Thanks in advance.

LowCel 06-06-06 11:44 AM

If you are going to be doing downhill, street and drops then you definitely need a front brake. The front brake does 80% of the work.

LowCel 06-06-06 11:45 AM

Oh, if they are only $10 I would go ahead and buy a few of them. ;)

FreeRidin' 06-06-06 11:51 AM

Go with the kona forsure. One of my friends brook 3 chase frames in 4 months (all on warrenty) right by the headtube.

Jason222 06-06-06 01:56 PM

I'd get the Kona.

Pheard 06-06-06 01:59 PM

I'm with lowcel. Get as many as you can afford of both for 10$. Then mark them up and sell them.

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