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ed 06-09-06 06:46 AM

2.35" Nevegal's on Mavic x317's
I have a set of XT/Rhyno lites and a set of XT/x317's. I'm running Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1's on both right now, but I just got a set of Kenda Nevegal Stick-E 2.35's.

My delimma is I'm using the x317's right now b/c I'm having my local wheel builder detension my Rhyno Lites, apply some spoke prep, and re-build them. (they were machine built, he did my x317's too)

They're kinda busy this time of year, so I'm having to wait a while on them. Should I just keep using the Fire 2.1's on the Mavic's and wait for the wider Rhyno Lites (patiently:cry: ), or will the narrower Mavic x317's hold the 2.35's okay?

Jason222 06-09-06 08:01 AM

The smaller rim will hold the larger tire fine.

ed 06-09-06 07:04 PM

Holy Crizzap!!!

I just mounted my Nevegal 2.35's on my Dakar XLT. In the short little jackin' around that I did...they are AWESOME!!! So much better than the Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1's. More forgiving, more confidence in corners and descents, and soooo much more traction.

Can't wait to get the Rhyno's though. The wider rim should widen the footprint just a tad.

I'm riding Farlington (Midwest Fat Tire series course) tomorrow. Very rocky/rooty. Can't wait to do a few laps on there with the new bike and tires! Should ride like a Ford LTD.

Jason222 06-09-06 07:48 PM

What would you do without my advice? ;)

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