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cream.soda 06-11-06 03:24 PM

WANTED: 2007 Specialized Lineup Pics
I've decided to get myself a better bike at the end of this month or early July, and i've been looking at the 1000 dollar (cdn) range.

The bike that fits my needs and budget the most would definitely be the Rockhopper Comp Disc, but the frame looks outdated (plain with 'punk' logo) compared to say, the p2/p3 (I would get one but they're not for me, i'm an all-mountain/xc guy) or the current Hardrocks (specifically comp disc in army and the pro disc in silver/black).

I saw an article about the new 07 Demos, but so far no other bikes from Specialized have come out on camera yet...

When does Specialized (or any other bike manufacturer) usually release their next-year lineup? I really want to find out a.s.a.p. so I can decide whether I should get an 06 now or wait for a better lineup... I've seen the new demos and the black/orange splash looks utterly amazing... if I got a RH right now it would really suck to see that kind of design going on next year's RH's.

Also, not so related to the thread title, but which one, in your opinion looks better? RH Comp disc in dream punk (pics by flak in one of his threads) or matte black (high-res pics, Chone owns one). I really can't decide between the two. Oh yeah a word of caution: the silver on the dream RH never looks as good in pictures as it does in real life... there's kind of a rainbowey effect and different shades of silver that can't be captured by flak's camera lol.

Dannihilator 06-11-06 03:35 PM

Too early.

g3ck0 06-11-06 03:38 PM

So around what time would we expect the 07 pics to come out?

Sinfield 06-11-06 04:44 PM

The colors on the new demo pics (I'm guessing you saw the one's taken from are NOT going to be the production colors. The bikes in those pics were custome one off demo's for testing purposes. You'll notice the ugly looking welds on the downtubes of those bikes, which is another indicator of their pre-production status.

Since it's so early, I'd say just pick up an 06 bike unless you have your heart set on a model you can't get yet like the Demo 7. If you buy now you'll actually be able to enjoy riding it, instead of waiting for one to come out.

Dannihilator 06-11-06 07:03 PM

Won't know until August at the earliest.

cream.soda 06-11-06 09:10 PM

they've been using the "punk" style of putting their brand name in a colour brand since last year... so i believe they'll be changing it for next year.

i just don't wanna get screwed over in case they put the p2 paintjob on the rockhopper next year *drool*

or if they beef up the frame and keep it the same weight :eek:

yeah right now i'm already stuck on the bike, the combination of components is perfect for my needs... it's just the looks that are the deciding factor now. :rolleyes:

any words of comfort about the "punk" design compared to say, the current hardrock paintjob (which looks really nice to me)? or is it agreed by all that the current hardrock 'messy' paintjob totally owns the rockhopper's punkband?

cream.soda 06-11-06 09:11 PM

if i get no advice to say otherwise i'm getting the same bike as flak:

nice pics :)

cream.soda 06-11-06 09:12 PM

or wait till next year and get some blinged up 07 deore lx's standard with it.... argh.
they look nice

k enuff multiple posts for tonite... l8er

Chone 06-11-06 09:18 PM

Rockhopper's punk paintjob sucks major time, I wish the non-punk paintjob was available for the comp model (strangely you can only get it on the Pro or Base Model, All Mountain and Comp are screwed with Punk), I don't like the paintjob on my frame much, I mean black is nice and its better than dream punk but the lettering is not for me, I like professional looking frames like the Rockhoppers with the regular lettering or the Stumpjumpers but still I like how my bike looks but it could be oh so much better, especially if it was Orange, Deep Red (Crimson), Green, Brown or something like that and not plain boring black :)

Seriously, I hope Specialized does something about it and makes some nice Rockhoppers because seriously, the only thing I don't like about them is the paintjob, no biggie though, looks are a nice thing but performance is what matters the most and my bike performs well so I'm happy.

BTW compared to the Hardrock... well I like regular Rockhopper more but I would have to give the "Splash" HR paintjob the edge over that damn punk style though you forget all about it once you actually ride the bike :)

cream.soda 06-11-06 09:34 PM

:( now i hafta wait till next may to get my rockhopper if everyone says the same thing as chone...

but next yr i'm off to university and i'll need teh money for a macbook pro (which will hopefully lose its deep-fry-my-thighs function by then) :(

aointbpeoubniufbnhgjhnlkajng (<-sp?)

Chone 06-11-06 09:37 PM

Originally Posted by cream.soda
:( now i hafta wait till next may to get my rockhopper if everyone says the same thing as chone...

but next yr i'm off to university and i'll need teh money for a macbook pro (which will hopefully lose its deep-fry-my-thighs function by then) :(

aointbpeoubniufbnhgjhnlkajng (<-sp?)

Man don't be discouraged... buy the Rockhopper and don't care about how it looks, I don't care about how it looks because it rides so damn well, I just think it would be better if the bike was prettier looking, however I would never trade my bike for a prettier looking bike that rides worse than my RH.

cream.soda 06-12-06 01:30 PM

however, i do know that the rockhoppers will either be equal to or better next year... for the same price. plus they get redesigned 07 shimano lx's (in another forum) .... maybe I'll just upgrade to next yr's xt's myself...

it's just like when apple releases new ipods every 10 months that screw all the other people over because they're much better but for exactly the same price.

i was lucky when i got my fusion last year that i prefer my 05 fusion (in shadow grey) better than this year's blue/silver combo or black/white.

skiahh 06-12-06 02:44 PM

Here's an option, since it seems you can wait for a little while. Wait until they announce the 07s and then grab up a leftover 06 for a bargain price.

Paint... that's only cosmetic, don't worry about it. Get the most you can for your buck and to hell with the look/color.

junkyard 06-12-06 03:00 PM

color was the last of my concerns when buying my bike. i wanted the best fit and level of performance for the price range i was looking at. besides, when they get muddy, they're all the same color.

cream.soda 06-13-06 07:54 PM

Yeah, i agree, but this really is the last concern on my bike lol... just looking for opinions on the paint options.

I'm probably going to get the silver one though, even though the matte black version will look nicer, but there's a reason why (most) cars don't come in a matte finish: it really shows its wear all too easily. I want to have it look new say, 5 years from now before I replace it, and plus I want a little flash.

Chone will most likely disagree with me since he's got the black one :S

flak, chone, anyone with an 06 comp disc, how is it? any problems, nuisances, quirks, about anything on the bike? can you guys maybe post some recent impressions on your bikes?

cream.soda 06-13-06 07:57 PM

nvm i'll start a new thread, this last post is waaay off topic from the thread title.

Allez3 07-18-06 10:27 PM

Wrogn thread. My bad.

Ranzak 07-19-06 07:38 AM

2007 Stumpjumper FSR Comp

AfterThisNap 07-19-06 09:43 AM

Specialized is actually holding it's 2007 relaease party/dealer camp as we speak. Your larger spez dealer should have the entire line in catalog by this Saturday. Whether or not they'll show them to you is a toally different story.

Generally new lines come out right before interbike.

cream.soda 07-20-06 07:21 AM


and i already saw the 2007 stumpjumper fsr in your thread and "post your rigs" lol ranzak but thanks anyway

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