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TotalKos 02-05-03 01:51 PM

Know where to ride in Toronto area?
If anyone is from Toronto or around Toronto I would really like to hear where you ride. What kind of trails and where they are. i am getting bored with my normal routes and am looking for something more complicated that I can hurt myself at. So, if you know of any places like that in Toronto or surrounding areas let me know please. Thanks. Take care.

WorldIRC 02-05-03 03:21 PM

Hardwood Hills just north of Barrie. Kelso Conservation in Milton. and Durham Farm i think its called in Durham Region. Thats all I can think of right now.

TotalKos 02-05-03 05:46 PM

Thanks alot WorldIRC. I can't wait to get out there.

WorldIRC 02-05-03 07:09 PM

Be sure to make sure there aren't any races happening when you go (I'm talking in season). This is where the bike associations host many of their races so yeah. Enjoy it as much as I do!

Maelstrom 02-06-03 02:31 AM

Sudbury (not close) HAD a freeride group building shore style trails. Whether or not it is still happening I don't know. Check on - its an ontario based dh site (ironic isn't it :D)

juciluci 02-06-03 06:53 AM

hi.. if you are downtown..check out these guys,, they have a group of ppl who go out.. and they do urban assault if you are interested..

other wise.. milton, hardwood hills are great.. the don trail is boring but you can get on to some great trails near Park Rd. nice downhill there.. its called the Brickyard.
have fun..
the guys at cycle solutions can tell you other great rides that is within your abilities... and then some :)

TotalKos 02-06-03 08:57 AM

Hey thanks everyone. This has helped alot!

Scooby Snax 02-08-03 11:35 AM

Total, try the Don Valley, you can access trails at Pottery Rd & Bayview and go from there, its pretty good riding, lots of short but intense uphill and downhills.
It's off camber, you're riding along the side of the valley alot. One word of caution, keep off for a day or two after it rains. the trails are in a state of overuse, and when they get wet, they really take a beating!!
Also there are a lot of ppl hooking up for group rides some on weekends, some weeknights.

I also know that in the Humber area there are trails too, but havent personally ridden them.

Try, they have trial reviews too.

Good luck, and maybe Ill see you out there!

TotalKos 02-08-03 11:42 AM

I've been all over the Humber and that's almost all of it. I don't know if they are good or not (not-too-experienced) but I'd like to try more (and more, and more, and more).
I'll try the Don.

Maelstrom 02-08-03 12:36 PM

Guelph also used to have a lot of trails around guelph lake. But that was 4 years ago, the last time I lived there. But I know if you went to Bit and Bikes downtown they have a trail map of a lot of the surrounding areas.

juciluci 02-08-03 12:40 PM

Hey!.. check out this site.. you should find a few more trails that are accessible to you.. have fun!

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