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sebring 02-06-03 04:54 PM

Tacoed a wheel
Went for a ride today and got caught in a rut made by previous riders. Got out of it and my front wheel hit something and I bent the mother. Man was I pissed. I was doing so good too. I had climbed a couple hills in a tougher gear than the last time I was there and I was feeling good knowing that I had improved with using my trainer. Had to through the bike on shoulders and hike the mile back to my car. It was mostly uphill too since there was only 1 hill climb when I started the ride but 3 down hills. Upgrading the wheels and hubs though. Forget the wheels but going to Deore hubs. I came up to ride this week broke the bike today and it's going to snow tomorrow than I have to head back to my place to work Sunday.

Maelstrom 02-06-03 04:57 PM

I would recommend going to XT hub. Different and stronger internals. You can't visually see the diff but I have been told numerous times that XT is actually better. It always sucks when you taco a wheel. Those things cost a lot :D

slcpunk21 02-06-03 05:09 PM

Man that does stink! Personaly I'd say go with something other than shimano...DT/Hugi makes a nice hub, that isn't rediculously priced! And if you ever have any issues with it...they are really easy to deal with. Or just go and get a complete wheelset from Sun/Ringle. Or...check out the wheelsets from Mavic!

Shimano need a little bit more work to keep them running super smooth. The sealed bearings in the hubs from other companies are alot easier to service!! No loose bearings falling all over the bench...stinks when one of those little buggers gets away! LOL


BigHit-Maniac 02-07-03 06:36 AM

That bites bro.

I'd say go with some DT/Hugi's or some Chris King hubs if you can...

If you can't, stick with Shimano. Shimano hubs are good, but the stupid loose bearings become annoying after-awhile, and having to make sure that they're properly adjusted all the time really sucks too.

I'd recommend something with Cartridge Bearings...

if you get in the nastys for a long time.. you can just replace the Cartride Bearing itself... where-as with a loose-bearing hub the little boogers will get in there and make the surfaces all nasty.

Good luck on your quest for a new wheelset.

If you want something stronger for the next go around, build up a set of Sun Single-Tracks. I have em on my BigHit.. and they take a beating and come back for more!

sebring 02-07-03 07:35 AM

The hubs came with the wheel so I didn't say no. This is the first upgrade I've made to the bike.

What do you expect from an upgraded hub anyway? I figure the double walled rim I'll see nothing, but know that it is stronger over the bumps.

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