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tokus 02-08-03 01:26 PM

MTB shoe question
I was in my LBS the other day ordering my new bike, Stumpjumper M4, and consequently I was looking for some mountain bike shoes. I talked to the guy and he asked wether I wanted a regular mountain bike shoe or a hike/bike shoe. At the trails I ride at there are a lot of near vertical ravines you have to climb up and so I was thinking the hike/bike shoe would be better. He, however said that he didnt recommend the hike/bike shoe for one reason or another. After hearing this I decided to hold off buying them until I pick my bike up my bike and in the mean time I would consult my pals at the bike forums. Personally I prefer the look and feel of the hike/bike shoe as well as the fact that they are probably a little easier to walk and hike around in but are there any real disadvantages of them? I am just a recreational rider with no desire to ride in any competitive races so I don't need some ultra-stiff sole or anything. If there are disadvantages I would rather just have the regular type of MTB since they are for biking afterall. Hopefully someone can understand this incomprehensive rambling and help me out :D.

Thanks in advance


If your not sure what I mean by a hike/bike shoe (I'm not sure if that is the correct term) here is a link:

Here is another link to what I call "regular MTB shoes" lol:

schnell 02-08-03 01:35 PM

I have both styles, and prefer the "regular MTB shoe" :)

They are actually more comfortable because they keep my feet cooler. They also weigh a lot less, and your feet are an area where less weight is a good thing...even if you're not a cat 1 racer.

As far as climbing hills, MTB shoes will be fine. Maybe better than the traditional hike/bike, because they have much larger treads up front to dig into the ground. They aren't a problem until you have to walk a long distance with your heel much lower than your toes.

Oh yeah...good choice on the Stumpjumper :)

PeterG1185 02-08-03 03:34 PM

The more racing oriented shoes are far better than rec shoes b/c the sole on them is a lot stiffer and it will make a differance. I just got a friend of mine last summer to switch from his rec hike/bike c-dale shoes to something a little more expensive and he definately noticed the differance while riding. I really dont see any reason not to go.
I dont really see any advantages of a rec type shoe

tokus 02-08-03 03:52 PM

Thanks I appreciate the replies. I probably won't go with the hike/bike shoes. My LBS had a better deal on the Specialized Comp MTBs which is a plus and since my primary concern with them was the ability to walk in them I think I have a decision. Thanks again :)

Dougmt 02-08-03 04:07 PM

I just got a pair of Specialized 01 Sport Mountain. You should check out their shoe specials at specialized... lot's of shoes at o near $19.99.
Quite a deal if you ask me.
I absolutely love the shoes by the way...

Ktulu 02-08-03 07:24 PM

My brother had tried riding with the hiking type shoe (one of the C-dale line), but the soles were too wide and he wasn't able to unclip unless the crank arm was at certain points. Otherwise, they were great shoes.

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