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a2psyklnut 03-10-03 02:51 PM

I finally remembered my camera!
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I went riding yesterday, and I finally remembered the digital.

Picture quality is fair, but at least I've got a pic of me in action!


Dirtgrinder 03-10-03 03:08 PM

Well I'll be damned, there is a hill in Florida!!! ;) J/K
Nice pic A2.

bikeCOLORADO 03-10-03 04:35 PM

A hill in Florida? I think he Photo"chopped" that terrain in...either that or he's riding a wheelie on the front side of a wave...

schnell 03-10-03 08:31 PM

He probably 'modified' the trail with a shovel... ;)

Nice pic.

jtown 03-10-03 09:36 PM

how do you guys carry your cameras of bike rides? In a back pack? I'd be afraid to put it in my pack attached to my seat.

fubar5 03-10-03 09:39 PM

I suspect photoshop editing, just like all you guys..Or maybe thats a pic from when he was out of state....j/k

MikeOK 03-10-03 10:28 PM

Cool a2 - I didn't know there were hills in Florida either!

aerobat 03-10-03 10:37 PM

Great pic!

BustNuts37 03-10-03 10:54 PM

My camelbak has enough space for my digicam, I'd ride REALLY carefully with it back there though... my poor precious camera.

Nice pic, do u have a higher res shot? Who thinks he landed that jump?? :D

khuon 03-10-03 11:17 PM

Originally posted by BustNuts37
My camelbak has enough space for my digicam, I'd ride REALLY carefully with it back there though... my poor precious camera.

I carry my camera in my CamelBak too. There are some problems I've found:

[1] You have to stop, shrug off the CamelBak and dig out the camera for each picture. Then you have to reverse the process to continue riding. Sometimes you just say "screw it" and opt to miss the photo-op. I have very few pictures because of this.

[2] If your 'Bak is full of gear and stuff already, it can be difficult to extract the camera.

[3] Your friends sometimes give you dirty looks about making them wait while you spend time with the above ritual.

[4] You worry that the next obstacle you don't clear results in your flipping over the bars and landing flat on your back, destroying your camera.

To counter the last point, you can get some pretty inexpensive and small digital cameras these days. They're not going to give you exceptionally high image quality though but you won't cry so much if a $40 camera gets dirt/mud in it or ends up as trail litter as if it were a $400 one. I do recommend trying to find one with a flash if possible. I have an older Aiptek pencam that is fairly small (you can find smaller ones these days) but doesn't have a flash so a lot of my trail shots just look horrible. For my less hostile conditions (read: road rides), I carry a Minolta DiMage-X. It's slim and small, has some pretty good features including flash and zoom and can store a lot of pictures. However, I'm not so sure I'd be comfortable carrying it around with me on singletracks.

And last but not least, the problem I have yet to be able to solve is to get someone else to be the camera person so you can have pictures of you riding. Part of that problem is that I also like to do a lot of solo-riding. |8^)

khuon 03-10-03 11:45 PM

I think this camera would make a great inexpensive camera for mountain biking. It's under $100, has a flash and is even waterproof. I have some Archos products now (older model Jukebox) which is fairly durable/rugged. The only issue is that it has limited storage. You only get 26 shots at 640x480 resolution but if you're willing to drop to 320x240, you can get 107 shots.

a2psyklnut 03-11-03 10:00 AM

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My camera is a Fujifilm FinePix A201, it's pretty inexpensive (around $100) and it takes about 122 pics on the smallest resolution. You can buy extra memory cards to increase that amount up to like 1,200 +/-, for about the cost of the camera!

It works o.k., and has a built in flash. The problem is there is a short delay from the time you press the button to the time the camera takes the picture. You have to anticipate this and guess when to press the button. Needless to say, you miss a lot of action shots because of this.

The only other problem is it goes through batteries like crazy. They're only 2 AA, but I'm constantly replacing them.

I throw mine in my camelback, but I'm thinking of buying a cell phone carrier that Topeak makes and it'll mount on the stem. The camera is about the size of a cell phone! That way I don't have to stop take off the camelback...etc. as mentioned above.

BTW, I did land the jump and several other attempts. Max air was only about 5'. There are hills in FL, not a lot, but some! What we lack in elevation, we make up for in technicality!

This section of trail follows a lake and the trail is about 10-12' above the waterline. The trail dips down at an access point and shoots back up. There is a nice little lip and is a good place to stop and rest and watch other riders jump!

Here's a pic of my bro-in-law at the same spot:

nathank 03-11-03 10:06 AM

as to the quesiton about where to carry the camera:

i used to just carry mine in my camelback/backpack, but last summer on tour i got really annoyed with the "stop, take backpack off, get camer out, take picture, put back in pack, put pack on" routine...

so i bought a little velcro/zipper bag that i think was deigned for cell phones or something and i have attached it to the strap so that it rides up high on my chest. i think it's about as safe/secure as in the backpack and i can get it out in seconds notice...

actually i think over the winter i have lost the bag and am now looking to buy another for this year.

of course you have to make sure that it attaches securely to the strap so that there is not danger of it falling off on the trail.

P.S. i have the Cannon S200 uh, i'm blanking on the name, but it's the 2 megapixel -- the new model is the same camera in the 3 megapixel

a2psyklnut 03-11-03 10:11 AM

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Don't know if the picture came out or not.

It doesn't on my computer.

If not, here it is again:

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