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Old 09-23-06, 11:47 AM   #1
Terrapin Ben
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Stupid Bike Injuries

I was riding home from my last class yesterday on my town bike. it was a nice day. the sun was up. the sky was blue. i was enjoying the commute home as usual. it was friday and my spirits were high. i was going to see a concert later that night and the whole day had a good vibe to it. i turned onto my street and leaned back on my saddle with my arms spread like wings, making slow graceful swooping turns. i typically ride like this when i am pedaling liesurely. i look over to my friend to say something, and all of a sudden CRACK! my seat flys off of the seatpost and into the road. the next thing i know, i am sandwhiching my testicles between my rear tire and my ass. my friend laughs, and i fall. i broke into a mean sweat immediately. it looked like i just finished a sub 16 5K. i get up slowly and reach down into my pants. they're both still there okay good. my friend is still laughing and i tell her its not funny and i think i may need to see a doctor. she walks me the block and a half to my house and i thank her for her help. i collapse on my floor and ask my roommate to get me an ice pack. after twenty minutes of agonizing pain i decide i need to go to the hospital. long story short, i got a testicular sonogram!, the good news that i will still be able to procriate, and a Rx for some lame pain killers. What a day it was! Let's here some of your more embarassing bicycling accidents.

EDIT: i also tore my favorit pair of jeans after falling and need to buy a new seatpost that i cant afford. pretty awesome!
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Old 09-23-06, 11:55 AM   #2
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The other day I headed out to go to work... cruising at about 15mph along my normal route, and I hit the brakes to stop and lift my bike over a chain in the parking lot... NO brakes at all. I'd worked on the bike the night before, and forgot to reset the brakes and got in a hurry in the morning and didn't check them.

I hit that chain at 15mph (No time to unclip and drag my feet) and busted up my front brake and have a pretty hefty bruise on my right leg.

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taylor p
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it hurts just to think about it
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Old 09-23-06, 12:12 PM   #4
Drunken Chicken
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Ouch, that sucks. Must've been embarrassing to go to the hospital and be like "Yeah, I just caught my balls between my rear tire and my ass while I was riding, could you check them out and see if they're OK, maybe give 'em an xray?" But seriously, damn. Heal your balls up fast.

Only dumb accident I can remember was when I skidded to a halt (by accident) while riding street near a mall and the tiles were slippery and they were wet so even more slippery. To cut a long story short I gave myself a good sacking on the stem and then a faceplant.

EDIT: Oh, I just remembered another one. I was riding street and there was this skinny drop to flat, I had my mind on other things and ended up going way too slowly and not pulling up enough. Nose dived, went over the bars, got a huge bruise and a lump on my hip.
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Old 09-23-06, 01:41 PM   #5
Mr. Maximan1
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I was riding pretty fast down a suburban street and I was looking at something on my bike near the front tire. The suddenly in the background I see the curb. Long story short scratched the rim and my head.
Lol that was stupid.
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Old 09-23-06, 02:59 PM   #6
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The only stupid thing that happened to me, well actually to one of my friends, was when the 4 of us were biking to my one of my friends house, 6 miles away from where we were at the point, we stoped at a busy intersection. There was a bus, a truck and some cars, myself and 2 of my friends made it passed, but my other friend, who couldnt bike fast enough because his derailleur was stuck on the smallest cog, ended up getting caught in the middle of the street, while the bus and truck were trying to get around him. the bus, truck and surrounding cars formed a triangle around him and they all got stuck while everyone else watched the stupidity. we were like 15 feet watching my friend trying to get out, but the bus and truck kept backing up into each other. after he got free like 5 min later, we RAN
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Old 09-23-06, 03:24 PM   #7
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ohhh geez, that has got to suck!
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Old School Rad
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Oh man Ben, that is awsome! Funny as crap.
Like a circus monkey on a stolen Harley......
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The OP one was funny. Hope your boys are feeling better.

When I first got my mountain bike I spent time READING about techniques for going downhill and going down small drops. Soon after I also decided to get clipless pedals for the FIRST time. I read that you should practise clipping and unclipping in a grassy area. I did that on the small patch of grass across the street from my home.

Well, after a few days or weeks of city riding I decide to tackle the 15-20 stone steps (average of 1' drop) that go down from my street to a little stream that runs close to my home. This was the 2nd time I ever road clipless.

So as I start I find myself going too slowly mainly because I'm a chicken *****. I'm going way too slowly and end up losing momentum going down the steps. I then TRIED to unclip and wasn't able to. So I end up falling over and tumbling down a few of the stairs while stuck to my bike. I twisted my ankle and my knee really badly. I continued my ride along the gravel path that lines the stream and throughout all this my ankle and knee were hurting but I just tried shaking it off. I got home an hour later and as I rolled into the garage and turned on the light I bent down to take off my shoes. My left ankle was inflated as big as a grapefruit.

Turns out I hadn't torqued the bolts holding the cleats under my shoes enough. When I tried twisting out, all that happened was that I rotated the cleat on the shoe.
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Old 10-01-06, 12:07 AM   #10
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Too weird Last decent road crash (I remember) was doing the commute from work to home tooling along thinking about that nights gig I was going to, The Birthday Party, their last gig in Australia, when I hit a completely random chunk of limestone in the middle of a very trendy suburb. I did the big somersault, the bike pretty much stopped there and I slid down the road on my back. Completely enraged at this random rock in the middle of suburbia I picked it up and hurled it across two lanes of traffic, a footpath and verge, over a fence into a council allotment. Still got to see the gig though.
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This happened a long time ago, but I think it fits:

I was running drops on my old Super-V. i had taken off the original MOTO front fork (bad idea) and was using a Manitou that I had gotten a good deal on at a LBS.

Well, on the ramp up to the jump, the goddam crown cracked, and the fork basically fell apart in midair. When I hit, the fork collapsed, I endo'd, and ended up with a cracked collar bone.
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Old 10-01-06, 05:30 AM   #12
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I've had some pretty stupid injuries but the one I'm most upset about is from a couple of days ago. I went the whole race season pretty much injury free. Well, five days before the championship race I knock the crap out of my knee cap on the stem. It hurts really bad. I've already been to the chiropractor twice for it getting accupuncture. I've been putting ice on it constantly. Now I'm getting ready to leave to go to the race here in an hour and I still don't know if my knee is going to survive it.
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