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dirtbikedude 03-15-03 10:17 AM

I wanna ride!!!
Cracked my frame some time last weekend so I have not ridden since. Man this sucks:mad:. The only good thing about it is Kona is going to upgrade my 2000 Stinky to a 2003 Stinky Primo. If I pay them $150 they will also give me a new Fox Vanilla RC shock with it. So I am doing that. It sucke that I can not ride right now but I am getting a new bike:D.

Hey, anyone want to buy an XTR derailer. I put in on 2 weeks before I cracked the frame but the seat tube is bigger on the new bikes so I can not use it. I also have to get ride of my New Z1 because the Stinky Primo is designed around a 180 to 200mm fork and the Z1 is only 130mm. I also believe the head tube is a bit longer. Man that realy sucks.

As I was dissaembling the Stinky I kept saying, "This wont work and this wont work and ...".

I have a race in two weeks so I hope to have the new one built by then.:mad:

Jim311 03-15-03 10:48 AM

That's no good. I'm contemplating going for a ride, but I'm stiff and sore from riding nearly 100 miles in the last week. All my riding clothes are dirty, my ass is sore, my legs are stiff.. so right now I'm pretty content to just lay around and listen to music :p

schnell 03-15-03 10:54 AM

I feel your pain...

Maelstrom 03-15-03 12:59 PM

I feel you pain but at the same time...congrats on the big upgrade...the race is a little close but the upgrade should be a good time :)

WNCbiker 03-15-03 06:44 PM

how much for the deraliur and z1?

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