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jtown 03-25-03 05:14 AM

Since my FSR is back ordered for a few weeks .... suggestions?
My Stumpjumper FSR Comp is on back order for xx amount of weeks and I was wondering what you guys would suggest besides this rig. I'm willing to spend a little more cash, but nothing over 2 grand. Can I get a Blur for around that or are they way out of my league? I don't really like the NRS and I'm in the process of lookin' at some Treks.

I ride some pretty aggressive XC ... no really long downhills even though I love em ... learning to take some jumps and drops, but getting myself to take the 3 foot drop is kinda hard ... lol.

The Toninator 03-25-03 08:14 AM

all blurs are on back order that i know of. If you really want the FSR and you've already ordered it just wait it out. Sucks but that's the thing to do.

slcpunk21 03-25-03 10:05 AM

I got a last years model in a 19inch frame...probably to big for ya. But if not, I'd sell it cheap.


Maelstrom 03-25-03 11:07 AM

Blurs are really back ordered and as far as I know damn expensive. Just be patient. :) (or buy used)

jtown 03-25-03 01:32 PM

damn .... ok .... I've seen a couple Blur frames when I was shopping around. If anyone wants to know where, let me know.

Brennan 03-25-03 09:41 PM

My LBS has several built up Blurs and Superlights. They are very pricey though. I think they were in the $2500-$3500 range.

jtown 03-25-03 11:06 PM

ya, I was at a local store today and they said they're getting in ****load of Blurs this week. Like 10 in each color ... lol. Hmm ... that's another grand at least though.

Singlespeedster 03-26-03 07:08 AM

There is a shop in my area that usually has a Blur frame or two laying around.

I built one up a month ago and I have to say that it is a very, very impressive ride. The VPP lives up to the hype, the suspension has little to no pedal induced bob, and even out of the saddle anything close to a smooth pedal stroke will minimze actuation of the rear suspension. I really think it represents a notch up in suspension sophistication from the venerable FSR platform. Definitely worth waiting for.

jtown 03-26-03 10:48 AM

how much did that rig end up running you?

headn4thehills 03-29-03 11:17 AM

I was lucky to get one in my area. Had to hunt all over, but as soon as i found one, I ran and got it. Its a sweet bike and if you can hold off till they arrive, do it. I understand the frustration. Due to the availability of them, they went up $200 around here. Hang in there. I think you will be happy if you can get your hands on one. You may want to hit the phone books too.

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