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Bikes'n'bundy 12-03-06 10:10 PM

HASA bikes
my LBS is now selling HASA bikes anyone know anything about them ?? they have an american flag as part of their emblem but i doubt they are made in america, any comments good or bad ?

EJ123 12-03-06 10:38 PM

Never heard of them. I cant even find a bicycle of them on a seach engine. I hope theyre no huffy:D

harov3 12-03-06 10:46 PM

I've seen them around locally, they look pretty ordinary to me. Slightly upmarket chain store bikes I thought. Thats just based on seeing a few around, do a component comparison with similarly priced name bikes and if they meet or exceed, give them a ride, see what you think. Let us know.

Bikes'n'bundy 12-07-06 04:08 AM what do you guys think about the ti/carbon frames ??

taitrek 12-07-06 04:59 AM

In Hong Kong, HASA bikes have been imported from China for about two years.
The price range is between US100 to US200 with low end components.

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