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Blue Order 12-10-06 05:35 PM

29er frame fit
Should 29ers be sized like 26" mountain bikes-- i.e., with the same amount of clearance on standover height?

xB_Nutt 12-10-06 06:16 PM

I have found that I usually go one size smaller with a 29er. Best thing to do is compare all the numbers, effective top tube length, etc with what you normally ride on and off road. Standover height is just one factor. I ride a 58cm road frame, 20" 26er and 18" 29er...

pinkheadedbug 12-12-06 06:28 AM

Pretty much.

The best thing to do is decide which frame you want and then ask on the boards for people who already own them to figure out which frame is for you. Overall the 29ers tend to have a tad less standover because the top tube has to get higher at the front.

Thor29 12-12-06 12:27 PM

They are sized exactly the same. But don't go strictly by overall size, make sure you compare top tube length. Yes - some 29ers will have less standover clearance, but not all of them.

nowheels 12-13-06 12:46 AM

About one size smaller seems to be the rule of thumb. I'm 18 or 19" on a normal 26" depending on the frame. But I ride a 17.5 in an x-caliber 29er.

FrenchFit 03-23-10 09:47 AM

It's about effective top tube length imho. I usually ride a 56 or 58 road bike, went down to a 15" frame on a new 29er build. Effective top tube is still an amazing 22.5". The fit seems perfect, (and the seat post is very long). Make sure you can get sufficient spacers under the stem to get bar height where you need it.

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