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sherpaPeak 12-14-06 09:38 AM

best and worst of 2006.......opinionated?
and the categories are (feel free to ad)

Best bike:
(it may include a totally new bike introduced in 2006 or an old classic or something that got a face lift. hardtail, dualie etc):

worst bike:

Best bike innovation:

worst innovation:

Best trail (your favorite):

there is no worst trails (other than pavements full of speeding cars)....i am biased

Best biking personality:

best bike trip you took.....


yeah, I am one of those softies who get nostalgic about the past days when the year comes to an end.....darn..I am turning 30 in 2007.....

santiago 12-14-06 09:50 AM

"don't trust anyone over 30"

Favourite bike trip: Hot August Nights 24 hour race at Albion Hills, Ontario.

Maelstrom 12-14-06 10:11 AM

My favorite bike is my own...(or gastros)
Nothing innovative, all variations of old tricks.
Best trail...for downhill I love almost all of garbonzo and for standard trails probably River Runs through it.
Worst trail - the road to any of my trails...concrete blows
Best Biking Personality - Pete...seriously.
Best Bike trip - I didn't take one, but I had a lot of fun when Gastro rolled through.

Flak 12-14-06 10:41 AM

Best bike: Mine, or that sweet banshee that came to Pisgah.

worst bike: Rental bike i got in Australia. To quote the rental guy - "dont take it off any jumps or anything, it'll just break"

Best trail (your favorit): Caney Bottom, Burnt Mtn

Best biking personality: 66

best bike trip you took: Pisgah

sherpaPeak 12-14-06 10:51 AM

Originally Posted by santiago

"don't trust anyone over 30"

I just thought about that the other day......anyway, trust me for the time being I am not 30 or over 30 yet.....

santiago 12-14-06 10:59 AM

Originally Posted by sherpaPeak
I just thought about that the other day......anyway, trust me for the time being I am not 30 or over 30 yet.....

Then you shouldn't trust me.


Thought about the rest.

Best bike
My new one (2005 Turner Flux). Looks good although I haven't ridden it yet.

Worst bike
My hardtail (2004 Kona Blast). Not very fair as I do like riding the bike but the bumpity-bumps over an extended period of time start hurting my lower back hence the new bike.

Favourite Trail
Bromont. I really enjoyed riding there.

Best biking personality
For entertainment - Cuddlebum.
Absolutely fascinates me - The characters in Atlas Shrugged.

Best bike trip you took
Hot August Nights 24 hour race at Albion Hills, Ontario.

DylanTremblay 12-14-06 11:47 AM

Best bike: My Specialized Enduro...she treated me well this season!
Worst bike: No such thing.
Favourite Trail: Baseline Mountain!
Best biking personality: To many to choose from.
Best bike trip you took: Baseline Mountain.

never 12-14-06 12:26 PM

Favorite Trail: Ummmm....too many around here and if zip over to BC...even more! I had a lot of fun out in Fernie this year...NC was a nice change...

Favorite Trip: Trip to NC to ride with the trails and awesome much fun!

KrisA 12-14-06 02:37 PM

Best bike:

That's easy, mine.

worst bike:

There is such a thing as a bad bike?

Best bike innovation:

Who knows, too much marketing crap in mountain biking and not enough riding.

worst innovation:


Best trail (your favorit):

I had a lot of fun at a couple of places this year. First memorable ride was at Grand Beach Manitoba. This was a race, but the trails there are some of the most fun I've ever rided. Second memorable trail was Moosepackers in Kananaskis Country Alberta. Super flowy and fun was it.

Best biking personality:

I'm still in love with Marie Helene Premont

best bike trip you took.....

Me, the wife and two little kids went to the Alberta Rockies for the Bow80 race. The race was great and I had a lot of fun with the family in the mountains. My 3 year old son still talks about going up the mountain in the cable car.

yeah, I am one of those softies who get nostalgic about the past days when the year comes to an end.....darn..I am turning 30 in 2007...

I'm also turning 30 next year. It's just a number... but now I get to race against the old guys in the Master category. Strange thing is that it will actually be harder as a lot of the Master racers are ex Elite level racers.

DonValley 12-14-06 03:39 PM

Best Urban riding in a metropolis over 5 million....

Don Valley trail system in the heart of Toronto.

dminor 12-14-06 04:41 PM

Best bike: Transition Gran Mal
Worst bike: Risse Lassen ('Hit with an Ugly Stick' award)
Best innovation: Dakine Nomad pack (I want one!)
Worst innovation: 2WD
Favorite trail: Whistler's A-Line (cliche I know - - Maelstrom will need to introduce me to a new favorite)
Best bike personality: Shaums March: one of the more personable 'stars' I've ever met.
Best bike trip: Masters Worlds at Sun Peaks, B.C.

LowCel 12-14-06 05:01 PM

Best bike:

Wheelhot's. I have never been so happy to see a bike.

worst bike:

One that doesn't fit.

Best bike innovation:


worst innovation:


Best trail (your favorite):

Red Run (Slatyfork, WV)

Worst trails

Rd Run (Slatyfork, WV)

Best biking personality:

Sue Haywood

best bike trip you took.....

Slatyfork Shuffle (MTBR gathering)

Maelstrom 12-14-06 05:19 PM

Originally Posted by dminor
Best bike personality: Shaums March: one of the more personable 'stars' I've ever met.
Best bike trip: Masters Worlds at Sun Peaks, B.C.

a) I agree, Shaums is a killer dude. Great personality.
b) really need to move to bc :D

mlts22 12-14-06 06:23 PM

Best bike for 2006: The one I bought for commuting.
Worst bike for 2006: The Sears Free Spirit that I wonder if I should attempt to fix up, or just give up and buy myself a decent roadie.

Best bike innovation for 2006:
Nothing revolutionary... SRAM force maybe, or the new Campy cranks.

Worst bike innovation for 2006:

Fixed seat masts for '07 bikes.

Flak 12-14-06 06:40 PM

Id say the cane creek double barrel would be the best innovation.

Dannihilator 12-14-06 06:53 PM

Best bike:

My Kona

worst bike:
My Oryx, it tried to kill me afterall

Best bike innovation:

Maxle 360

worst innovation:

Those sun glasses with earphones in them

Best trail (your favorite):
Where ever I am at.

Worst trails
Any paved trail.

Best biking personality:

Cedric Gracia

best bike trip you took.....

Umm, didn't get to travel much this past year.

pinkrobe 12-14-06 10:00 PM

Best bike: Whatever gets me home from the trail or bar in one piece

worst bike: no such thing

Best bike innovation: SS rigid

worst innovation: 5 lb. XC forks

Best trail (your favorite): They're all pretty good, but I still get a wee stiffee for Moosepackers, and Black Forest in Fernie is a close second

worst trail: all the good singletrack that's closed to bikers

best bike trip you took: Two week road trip to Whistler, Seattle and Portland

worst trip: A half-Superman on a really easy descent where I pinched my nutsack on the stem

mcoine 12-16-06 11:42 AM

worst innovation:

willtsmith_nwi 12-16-06 01:37 PM

Worst Innovation

Originally Posted by mcoine

Nah, this is clearly the worst

Best trend of 2006
29ers from pretty much everybody except, Santa Cruz, Giant and Specialized (though they do make two 29er tires).

mtnbiker66 12-16-06 04:59 PM

Best bike- My Bullit
Worst bike- Hmmmmmm......
Best trail- Avery Creek,Black Mtn.
Best bike personality- Any of the forum ride guys,Gustro,Flak,Never,C.E.,the reCycles crew.
Best trip-the one I'm gonna take to ride with Gastro.

wethepeople 12-16-06 05:06 PM

Best bike: The Take-One true Ave built with the parts on my Macneil.
Worst bike: Any urban MTB.
Best trail: Coldstream Skatejam.
Worst trail: The one park in Salmon Arm.
Best personality: Corey Martinez or Mike Aitken.
Worst personality: Any of the local pinkbikers.
Best inovation: Odyssey Elementary or Sunday frame.
Worst Inovation: Ipod.

Dannihilator 12-16-06 05:56 PM

Originally Posted by mcoine

Do you absolutely have to go bagging on everything that is not a-typical. This thing is not of my thinking but is used by several pro downhillers in the wet conditions since the mid 90's, so it isn't exactly an innovation. Just trying this until the spring, never tried it before, really won't be able to test it until Friday.

If so, no wonder you ride a brown bike with purple anodized parts..

Frunkin 12-16-06 08:06 PM

best bike: the kona stab i rented in whistler
worst bike: ?
best trail: Crank it up (whistler)
best personality: Pete/R. Danneskjold - you are hilarious and infomative at the same time
best trip: my 1 day in whistler

Siu Blue Wind 12-16-06 08:18 PM

Originally Posted by mcoine

Mccoine, why are you so mean? Have you ever tried this before? How was it for you when you did it? Maybe it works for him and is the BEST innovation for him. Everyone is different and has different needs. No need to call someone's new attempt at something worst because you aren't experiencing it in the same conditions he will be. Let's all cheer him on and see how it works for him, okay? I give kudos to him for always trying to improve. :)

Hopper 12-16-06 11:33 PM

Best bike:
I think for price (at least in Australia) the whole Ironhorse range and the Morewwod Izumi are great. I personally love the Ironhorse Sunday line up and the Giant Glory looks the goods.

worst bike:
Don't have any one bike I truly think is the worst but I have always hated the feel of the Specialized Bighit SPEC's

Best bike innovation:
Anything that allows bike parts to be purchased cheaper

worst innovation:
Not an innovation but the fact that EVERY SINGLE manufacturer only has one importer and distributer in Australia, this means we get absolutely ripped when it comes to pricing due to lack of competition (except Maxxis they are awsome)

Best trail (your favorite):
Still Waterfall Gully but hte new Eagle Park track in Adelaide is Awsome

Worst trail
It is a hard call to make I like this trail but Ando's, it is pretty flat and full of rocks and drops to flat...... I am giving it this title because it is really bad for your bike.

Best biking personality:
Graves, Rando, Rennie, Hill...........pretty much any of the top Aussie riders they are so down to Earth, at a local race they will give hints they do clinics to help others get better, they drink with us plebs and even will help you change a flat at a race.

best bike trip you took.....
I didn't get to go on any trips this year :( stupid year 12

Best moment of 2006
State government finally opening Eagle MTB psark to the public (3 years late)
and the Aussie domination of the World Champs

Worst moment of 2006
Not exactly what is wrong with my bike but I definately need a new rear hub, forks crap out every 1.5 months, chain guide is twisted and the backend of my frame is out of alignment........... pretty much what it isgoing to cost to fix my bike, mnaybe this is an excuse to get a new one?

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