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Hobartlemagne 03-21-07 12:09 PM

Road Wheels built for a MTB
Does anyone have any experience or know of a good combination of hub and rim for a mountain bike
to ride well on pavement? There are some rallies coming up with some killer hills on them that Im
planning to ride. They are steep enough that I think I need the MTB instead of my road bike with just
double chainrings. I do have road tires Ive changed out before, but Im wondering about the feasability
of using road-specific wheels on the MTB- maybe some 650 size rims.

LowCel 03-21-07 12:10 PM

Just as an option, how about installing a mtb rear derailleur and a 11-34 cassette on your road bike for the ride?

ViperZ 03-21-07 12:30 PM

When I was playing around with my Rocky ETSX before I got the wheels, I put a set of spare 22x700C road bike wheels (Dura Ace Hubs) on the bike and they all fit with room to spare. They got me thinking of building an inexpensive set of 700C road wheels with disc brake rotors for sh1ts and giggles :)

You could just put slicks on your bike, that's how I have my commuters set up... The wider/thicker tires are less prone to flatting and require less pressure maintenance than real roadie (22x700C) tires, and its a wicked fast ride.

achc 03-21-07 12:56 PM

Chris King is a company that makes a nice set of hub that you can use for Road to Freeride.

never 03-21-07 01:18 PM

Just suck it up and ride the road bike...the climbs will only make you stronger. But if you are really concerned, it'd probably be easier just to pick up a spare triple crankset for the road bike rather than getting/building some 650/700c wheels for the MTB (remember, most MTB have 135mm rear spacing while road bikes generally have 130mm). If you have disc brakes on the MTB, you could pick up a 29er wheelset but you'll be faster on the road bike with a triple than a MTB with 700c wheels.

Hobartlemagne 03-21-07 03:27 PM

Im just hesitant to mess with the double on my road bike.

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