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JimmyDean012 03-25-07 06:25 PM

Just picked up the Schwinn a few hours ago
And have spent the last 3 hours working on it. Wasn't as good of shape as I thought, the chain and casette were rusted. Something that surprised me was the condition of the hubs. They were flawless, a little surface rust on the skewer ends. Spin like the day they were made. The bike was missing a crank arm, so I tore it off of my old bike and its a perfect match. The plastic pedal on the original crankarm of the Schwinn was smashed, so I put the alloy pedals from my old bike on there too. The cantilevers are in good shape but desperately need to be adjusted. They dont provide any stopping power whatsoever. I believe all the cables are stretched to uselessness. Headset is good to go, no roughness at all. Derailleurs were in good shape, rear Acera looks to be pretty nice quality. Tires were sunrotted to the core, so that was another part from the old bike. Bike is surprisingly light (compared to my old bike, which weighed in at 44.5lbs). One thing that sucks, geometry is totally off for my height. I'm 6'3 and the seatpost is nowhere near long enough. I get this badboy all set up to go on a short ride before dinner, and the second I stand up to really crank it, the chain snaps. Trip to the LBS will include new cables, chain, and seatpost. Will post pictures tomorrow.

JimmyDean012 03-25-07 08:27 PM

I was able to remove the chain from my old bike using a ghetto chain tool (C-clamp chain tool and a nail), and they were the same size. Cleaned it up real well in a 2 liter with warm water/dish soap. Chain wear was minimal, so tomorrow morning I'm gonna slap this baby on. Looks like I'm gonna be riding tomorrow!

trek1 03-25-07 08:33 PM

Make sure everything is snug and solid before you go ripping on it :eek:

Punx 03-25-07 08:37 PM

Can't wait to see pictures. How much was it, and where did you buy it.

JimmyDean012 03-25-07 09:05 PM

Cost me $50 (sort of, the friend I got it from said I can pay him whenever I am able). As of this moment, it's free. Got it from a friend who I struck up a conversation with about biking. I told him I was rideless, and he remembered this bike he had sitting in his mom's backyard. It's definitely a solid bike, I just need to adjust it to my height.

JimmyDean012 03-26-07 11:38 AM

Get a longer seatpost and raise the handlebars? I know it definitely won't be perfect, but it will be rideable. Anyways, got the chain on, finished the tuneup. Seatpost is raised to the max, and it is working well enough currently. Raised the handlebars as high as they would safely go, that is satisfactory as well. Got it lubed up, and took her for a ride.

Holy ****, what a difference. I'm not exactly sure what it is (well maybe I am, the fact that I have lost 45lbs since I last road and this bike 15lbs lighter than my last one), but this bike is FAST. Took it out on the local trails, and was hauling some major ass. Good thing this bike has usable brakes, or I'd be toast. Rode about 5-6 miles. This bike handles so much better than my other one... it's incredible. I guess that's to be expected, going from a Walmart POS to a real bike. Damn, I can't believe my luck. A week and a half ago, I hadn't ridden in 3 months and was all bummed out because there was no bike in my forseeable future. Now, I've got a damn decent bike that should last me until I can get a 29er SS. Hell yes.

Will post pics as soon as I find camera.

Bike Lover 03-26-07 01:39 PM

Congrats. Enjoy the ride!

It's a lot of fun when you move to something that handles well!

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