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MTB4LIFE 03-26-07 09:46 AM

Mountain Biking Question
Hey, what is a good size downhill/freeride bike for me? im 6'2" and 180lbs...
I have talked with a couple people and they didnt help me very much so Im giving this a try.

phishalot21 03-26-07 09:50 AM

id guess a 20" frame (large) would be fine. go to a local shop and sit on a few different sized bikes, see what you like best

dminor 03-26-07 09:52 AM

There are many out there; but the two that come immediately to mind are the Yeti ASX and the Santa Cruz Bullit. Both are classed as FR bikes but can be easily built up a bit more burly for DH. I'd plug mine to you but you're 6'-2" - - just out of range for my med. frame ASX (I'm 6'-1").

Either of those in a large would be appropriate; Bullit will generally be more affordable; ASX is a bit better design but you pay some for the Yeti name.

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