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evanatorx 05-24-07 08:27 PM

Have to ever hit an animal?
Bout this time last year, it was a warm rainy day up here in Ontario. I was out on a ride with my buddy. We came upon the infamous 'brake road' (don't ask) We rode along the pavement, discussing maguras...hayes...avids...and which one we like best when all of a sudden a white and orange furry creature walked out in front of us! With little time to react (we were traveling about 30km/h) I yelped to Tristan to watch out for that cat! Tristan reacted accordingly by jerking his wheel out of the way to prevent collision, unfortunately, the cat did so aswell and ended up running directly into Tristan's front wheel. After being rolled on, the cat sprung up and bolted away showing moderate agony even before the rear wheel made contact.

Afterwards, an overwhelming sense of guilt passed over us. Being a former cat owner, I know how it feels when yours meets it's end to treaded rubber.

We were pondering the health of the cat, and questioning our luck...

Have you had an experience with hitting an animal? What did you do? What was it like?

roundnround 05-24-07 08:31 PM

That's what a cooler is for! :-D

evanatorx 05-24-07 08:33 PM


DevilsGT2 05-24-07 08:41 PM

I hit a squirrel one time. I honestly didn't know what it was thinking, as it bolted out in front of me, got ran over, and jumped up a tree before I even had time to react. I felt pretty bad, but I figured it was well enough to climb a tree so it didn't haunt me or anything.

There's also a picture floating around somewhere of a squirrel caught up in someones rotor.

Quick_Torch C5 05-24-07 09:26 PM

I just did 25+ miles on the road last Sunday. A dog came up, and instead of just chasing along the side of me, he came into my front wheel, and well, I pretty much ran over him. I looked back while I was still in my momentum, and he seemed Ok. I thought I killed the lil dude, because he pretty much ran under my front wheel, but he was still running. It was a small dog so I felt more bad about me getting him than him getting me:beer:

misterC 05-24-07 09:38 PM

A small bird went through my rear spokes once. Left some blood behind.

alumrock12 05-24-07 10:08 PM

what did it feel like... to run over a dog or a squirell?

giant_kyle 05-25-07 05:01 AM

i'd assume like a bump. with maybe a squirt or a crunch. what kind of question is that?

metabike 05-25-07 05:09 AM

I have come mighty close to some deer running across trails but fortunately never hit 'em. Quick_Torch C5 I for one salute you for striking a blow for road cyclists everywhere. Big or little, bike chasing dogs deserve whatever happens to them as do the moron owners who let their animals wander onto travelled roadways.

probable556 05-25-07 05:11 AM

I ran over a black snake 2 weeks ago. No guilt involved.

BugsInMyTeeth 05-25-07 05:52 AM

Nearly iced a bunny rabbit recently.

Funny story actually... I was on a back road that had thick bush on either side. The rabbit was in the clear, and I could see it well before I was anywhere near it.

As soon as I got within 3 metres or so, the silly rodent bolted infront of me. I braked, and watched the rabbit run head on into a group of birds on the otherside of the road. It looked like it actually ran INTO one of the birds at full tilt.

Bunny rabbit bolted again in a different direction, and the birds all flocked off. It looked a small, woodland animal explosion.

Wish I had it on video.

taylor p 05-25-07 06:16 AM

with animals its better not to swerve because when you do it screws with their little minds... and then you kill them (which some times you want to do)

Johnyonics 05-25-07 06:54 AM

I came very close to running over a black snake (aka rat snake)this week. Came around a bend in the trail and there he was sunning himself on the trail- although very little sun was getting thru the trees. I stopped, waited for my friend to catch up, when I went around him it was startled enough to slither off in to the woods and let my partner cruise by.

Ymmie 05-25-07 07:54 AM

I run over snakes. Not intentionally of course. I've ran over my dog too.

TheSlav 05-25-07 08:05 AM

a friend of mine stumbled on a turkey last year on a fire road and had time to come to a stop. but then the turkey attacked him. turns out it was a male and it was mating season. unfortunately he didnt kill it with his bare hands he just sheilded himself with his bike until it eventually left.

I dont see what the problem was, it would have been completely justified and he would have had a delicious dinner that evening. I will never let him live that down.

AfterThisNap 05-25-07 09:35 AM

Originally Posted by TheSlav
I dont see what the problem was, it would have been completely justified and he would have had a delicious dinner that evening. .

haha, nice.

RIC0 05-25-07 09:36 AM

the chipmunks and squirrels are outa control at a few trails by my house. I've come close to hitting them but haven't yet.

Jameson 05-25-07 09:50 AM

Originally Posted by alumrock12
what did it feel like... to run over a dog or a squirell? warm apple pie.

FlatFender 05-25-07 10:31 AM

1 chipmunk
1 massassuga rattlesnake
Killed the chipmunk, I dont think the rattler even cared.
Nearly a deer.

Crono 05-25-07 11:10 AM

My friend ran over a squirrel once, I saw the whole thing happen. He scampered away, so I guess he was okay.

One time on my motorcycle I took a sparrow to the chest at about 50mph. Ouch.

probable556 05-25-07 11:12 AM

Originally Posted by TheSlav
... but then the turkey attacked him...

Where in the !*#$ do you live?

TheSlav 05-25-07 11:31 AM

Originally Posted by probable556
Where in the !*#$ do you live?

central NH...where our state motto (Live Free or Die) and our 'dont take sh*t from anyone' mentality applies not only to humans but apparently turkeys as well.

dminor 05-25-07 11:40 AM

Originally Posted by TheSlav
central NH...where our state motto (Live Free or Die) and our 'dont take sh*t from anyone' mentality applies not only to humans but apparently turkeys as well.

Haha! Bands of rogue turkeys. They've been introduced here a few years ago and they're breeding like rabbits. They are ill-mannered indeed. There's a big tom who keeps seeing his reflection in my basement window and bangs at it with his beak - - hard. I'm surprised he hasn't broken the glass yet.

TheSlav 05-25-07 11:57 AM

its true, they are very underated when it comes to aggressiveness. bottom line, turkeys are insane. I have been practicing using my mini pump as a bludgeoning device....just in case.

sorry for the partial thread hijack but i think its important that MTB'ers everywhere understand the dangers of our feathered foes

evanatorx 05-25-07 01:17 PM

physically, not emotionaly...I was told it was like a bump

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