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kopid03 06-04-07 08:18 PM

Pro-flex 957
Hey guys, I am not a mountain biker, but I recently came across a Pro-flex 957 in a pawn shop for $275. It looks to be in good shape, and from a few reviews I've seen online, it seems to be an expensive bike. I was thinking of buying it and selling it on ebay. Does anyone know how much these bikes can fetch?

Dannihilator 06-04-07 08:38 PM

Buck Fiddy

kopid03 06-04-07 08:42 PM

damn, is that all?

Siu Blue Wind 06-04-07 08:49 PM

I thought a buck and two bits.

Minesbroken 06-04-07 09:10 PM

offer them $6.50

kopid03 06-04-07 09:25 PM

so any serious answers? i'd appreciate it

Minesbroken 06-04-07 09:26 PM

Originally Posted by kopid03
so any serious answers? i'd appreciate it

I was being serious...when you said $250 I thought you were joking :(

Siu Blue Wind 06-04-07 11:10 PM

So your whole intent is to make money off of someone elses deal to you?

I can get all kinds of bike stuff at wholesale!! Maybe I should do that!! :D

Anyone want to buy brand new, custom, never ridden, not-even-finished-built-yet Moots? :p

scrublover 06-04-07 11:16 PM

outdated. fuggedaboutit. unless you just want it, you're not going to be able to sell it for much to be worth the hassle.

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