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g0tink87 06-05-07 05:29 PM

mtb'ing is painful....duh
I tried to tackle a new downhill section today that i normally pass on, and take the "easy" way down. Did all the wrong things im not supposed to do. Locked up the front brake and went for a ride...twice. Im not actually sure why I fell the second time, it happened so quick. But I know the first time was a killer. I landed on my left arm that was tucked in, and basically crushed the crap out of my ribs...knocked the wind out of me. I thought for a while i might have cracked 1 or 2, but its not so bad now, I get a little pain if i breathe deeply, but i can pretty much function normally and move around fine.

Got up after that fall, brushed myself off, caught my breathe and continued fall one more time before i made the bottom...doh!

I just hope i feel better by the weekend.

mtnbk3000 06-05-07 05:56 PM

when you fall tuck everything in, elbows to side, etc. keep all the pointy parts in.

kandnhome 06-05-07 05:58 PM

Sounds kind of like a crash I had a month or so ago. Landed with my arm tucked under me and broke 3 ribs. Didn't hurt that day, or very much the next, but by day 3 I could barely move and breathing sucked.

It only took 3 weeks to get pain-free though. But I did take one week where I pretty much didn't move. That helped a lot. Ibuprofen was my friend, too.

I hope you don't end up like I did. But if you do, don't worry, you'll heal.

g0tink87 06-05-07 06:18 PM

did you even go to the doctor...cause from what ive seen theres really not much they do about ribs.

g0tink87 06-05-07 06:25 PM

btw im moving around normally with not much pain at all. I even tried things like leaning over to both sides. bending over to pick something up. I can still do pushups. I could even put some pretty good pressure on it with my hand and massage it without much pain...thats why im looking more towards just a pretty good hit instead of actually frcturing or breaks.....we'll see.

roccobike 06-05-07 09:09 PM

I thought mountain biking was hard because of the probability of falling. I've certainly had my share of hard falls. But my take on it is, this is my favorite sport and it hurts so good, sort of like a badge of courage.
Earlier this season, I took a spill on my Road bike. There is nothing like falling on asphalt at speed. I never thought of dirt as a lubricant or being soft, until that moment. I also found out the value of a helmet as my head bounced along the ground and the helmet absorbed all of it. Four stiches on the elbow, lacerations on the knee, and ribs that hurt like he!!, but not until 48 hours later. Six weeks later, my shoulder still hurts. I said all this to say, there is something far worse than falling on a dirt, mountain trail, much worse.
If your ribs really hurt seeing a doctor might be in order.
BTW, they never did take X-Rays of my shoulder or ribs.

g0tink87 06-06-07 04:30 AM

yea i'll see how things go over the next few days, if it gets worse or doesnt get better at all, then maybe ill have to take a trip over to the doc. Either way, the only treatment for broken/fractured ribs is pain control.

BugsInMyTeeth 06-06-07 05:35 AM

Or, the doctor might just put you down.

g0tink87 06-06-07 01:09 PM

Originally Posted by BugsInMyTeeth
Or, the doctor might just put you down.

human euthanizing...hehe, maybe i should just have doctor kevorkian come over my house since hes out of prison. :rolleyes: lol.

TheFlip 06-06-07 02:50 PM

I think human euthanasia is a great idea, just maybe not for bruised ribs.

WannaGetGood 06-06-07 04:22 PM

Fallings part of the sport.

g0tink87 06-06-07 07:59 PM

Originally Posted by WannaGetGood
Fallings part of the sport.

yea unfortunatly...hey all the more reason to pop some vikes and grab brew!:beer:

WannaGetGood 06-06-07 08:32 PM

So true.

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