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okwelder82 06-23-07 08:44 AM

Trek 4500 or Specialized Rockhopper?
Which one of these bikes is a better deal. They are about the same in price but Im kind of new to this soI was wondering which one has better components? Thanks for any help.

Breitling 06-23-07 08:52 AM

see what fits the best. that's the better bike to you. the better bike to me is the 4500 because it comes with better components and a trek frame.

AlucardZero 06-23-07 09:40 AM

Trek 4500...

I tried my friend's OLD rockhopper and it wasn't all THAT great. Though it has a better frame for jumping.

Tra!l ! 06-23-07 09:07 PM

Gotta say the trek and not just because i have one. better driveline componets and a trek frame that wont warp easily. i have ridden the rockhopper before as well and it just felt wrong somehow. just ride them both. its 80 percent feel, 20 percent componets.

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