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gawarrior 07-10-03 09:40 AM

New to mountain bikes couple of questions
I am new to mountain biking. Could ya'll give me a list of bikes to get started on. Bikes that are good and ones to stay away from. At this time I don't plan on doing hard riding/racing. Mainly something that is good for trails and leisure riding. But something that will handle some abuse if I want to hit some good trails.

Also, could ya'll give me some places to buy a bike and what prices to expect. I do not want to spend a ton of money on it at this time. Maybe later if I get into it more serious.

Like I said I am new to mountain biking so I don't know all the bikes and best places to buy to get the best deal and most quality for my money.

thanks for the help


a2psyklnut 07-10-03 09:45 AM

First of all, what is your budget?

Secondly, the best place to get an idea is to visit your local bike shops (LBS's) and test ride as many different bikes as you can.

Each manufacturer builds their bikes with slightly different geometries, since no two people are the same. Test riding as many different bikes will help you determine what you like and dislike about each. This can take some time, and don't feel pressured into buying the first bike you ride. Ask to take some test rides, visit another shop and then go back and test ride the ones you liked best.

If you're not comfortable, you won't ride your bike, regardless of how much money you spend!


gawarrior 07-10-03 09:51 AM

I am not sure of my budget. Definately less that 1000.00. I guess whatever I could get the best "bang" for the buck. I don't want something cheap i.e. Walmart special, but I don't need the most expensive thing out there that has parts and components that I am not going to take advantage of. Like I said I will do some trails and leisure riding.

troie 07-10-03 09:56 AM

Of course, you knew I was going to say Specialized or Kona :D

Mike_XR650L 07-10-03 10:55 AM

I have a Specialized and a Trek, and they have both been very good to me.

You should be able to find a bike that does what you need in the $500 - $700 range.

My advice is to go to a few different local bike shops, and tell them what you're looking for. Any reputable shop should be able to take the ball and run from there. They will help you size a bike, and show you the different options you have. Ask alot of questions, then walk away before pulling out your wallet. Take a few days to research what they told you, and to think it all over. If after a few days you still feel comfortable with what they told you, go back and give them some of your hard earned cash...:D


AquariaGuy 07-10-03 11:57 AM

Where do you live?

gawarrior 07-10-03 12:13 PM


gawarrior 07-10-03 12:14 PM

Does anyone have an opinion on an Oryx freak 125? Or a Fuji Discovery 2? I have seen both of them online, are they good bikes for the money? And is one better than the other?

Happy 07-10-03 12:20 PM

Go to It is a good place check out when you are looking for a new ride.

gawarrior 07-10-03 12:38 PM

I may be leaning towards the Oryx Freak 125. But I am going to see what my local shop has also. There seems to be a few full suspension bikes around the 500 price range that are good bikes.

Mike_XR650L 07-10-03 12:43 PM


Originally posted by gawarrior
I may be leaning towards the Oryx Freak 125. But I am going to see what my local shop has also. There seems to be a few full suspension bikes around the 500 price range that are good bikes.
Ouch!!! I would stay away from a full suspension bike for $500. That's going to be really, REALLY heavy... Do you need full suspension?
You can get a much better bike with better components for that price if you just go with front suspension...

Raiyn 07-10-03 12:53 PM


Originally posted by gawarrior
I may be leaning towards the Oryx Freak 125. But I am going to see what my local shop has also. There seems to be a few full suspension bikes around the 500 price range that are good bikes.
FS bikes under $1000 are garbage and should be avoided at all costs. Get a hardtail.

gawarrior 07-10-03 12:59 PM

Well then, what is a good hardtail to look at?

Raiyn 07-10-03 01:07 PM

Fuji Tahoe Specialized Rockhopper Just to name two of my faves under a Grand

gawarrior 07-10-03 01:24 PM

What is good around 500.

Raiyn 07-10-03 01:28 PM

The next model down of the Specialized Rockhopper I showed the Comp model try the regular version. Try searching the threads using the quick search option (top left corner of the screen) as this question gets asked A LOT

a2psyklnut 07-10-03 02:29 PM

Gary Fisher Marlin, next step up is the Tassajara.

Trek, Specialized, Haro, Jamis, KHS, Kona, Giant (to name only a few) all make great bikes in this price range.

There are a ton of shops in the Atlanta area. Go visit one or two, take a few bikes out for a ride and then ask us about your top 3 choices!

You're just beginning the search and need to narrow down what you want before we can really help you.

BTW, for $500 I would STAY Away from Disc brakes as well, unless they are Avid Mechanicals. Stick with linear pull (or Vee) style brakes. Trust me on this one!

Most components are going to be Shimano Alivio and some mix of Deore. These are good entry level components. A lot of manufacturer's will upgrade your rear derailleur to make you think you're getting a deal, but then include a no-name generic bottom bracket (the thing the cranks bolt to). These are usually heavy with cheap quality bearings.

Most bikes in your price range will have similar components. The differences will be in the forks they include, the frame geometries and the paint schemes. All will weigh about the same. You've really just got to go test ride some different bikes.


gawarrior 07-10-03 04:52 PM

Thanks, I went by a local shop a little while ago. I am gonna go back when I can ride a few. Looks like a Trek, Gary Fisher, or Giant will be what I go with. Got to keep researching to find which is the best bang for the buck and most suitable for me. Man there are a lot of bikes out there.

troie 07-10-03 04:59 PM

What type of riding are you going to be doing?

gawarrior 07-10-03 05:17 PM

Pretty much trails and leisure riding. Nothing to serious at this time. But would like something that would hold up if I did hit some good "fun" trails.

gawarrior 07-10-03 07:28 PM

I seem to be leaning towards the Giant Iguana. any opinions on this?

troie 07-10-03 07:33 PM

Thats a good one too, Giant is a good company. Im not too fond of yellow though. You might want to take a look at the Kona Blast. It has similar componentry to the Iguana but has a much better fork. Its only $549.

Go here:

mightypudge 07-10-03 07:59 PM


Originally posted by gawarrior
What is good around 500.
Trek 4900. Just got one and it is sweet.

starke 07-12-03 08:19 PM

Hey, I'm from Australia so I wouldn't know what price this bike would be in the US, but it should be around $500 i think.

The GT Avalanche 1.0 with or without discs is great value for money. It has full deore drivetrain, the shocks are about as good as you'll find for the price, even though theyr not great. It's not too heavy and the frame is still nice and solid.

In my opinion its a great starter's bike.

gawarrior 07-12-03 09:15 PM

I got the Gary Fisher Tassajara today. 555.00 OTD. Think I got a decent deal. I am very happy with the bike. Now I just need to go out and get my butt in shape so I can enjoy riding.

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